Grid Report: A look at the nation

Okay, so the Wildcats did not play, but that does not mean I did not get to watch a little football this weekend. Okay, I watched a lot. Due to a head cold, I was confined to the couch and took in a lot of football


My weekend started out at Cholla HS for the Cholla/Nogales game. The Chargers got it into their heads that this would be an easy one and the coaches seemed to get caught up in the excitement. Cholla QB Cody House may be the best passer in Tucson and the coaches wanted to get him as many yards as possible.

While House started out 1-6, Nogales was building an early lead. It wasn't until FB Kevin Dees got going that the Chargers offense started rolling. They ended up winning 25-22, but did not look great doing it.

One player who did look great was Michael Smith of Sunnyside. The younger brother of UA's Xavier Smith scored five td's and may be a prospect himself.

It was not a surprise that the Blue Devils beat Sabino, but it was a shock that they crushed them. Sunnyside scored 16 points before the offense even stepped onto the field.


Let's start in the Pac-10…

Everyone was thinking that Oregon was the team who could beat USC. I didn't see that happening, but the Ducks looked great jumping out to a 13-0 lead. Somewhere in the second half the Trojans woke up and put 45 straight points on the host team. Oregon is decent, but USC is special. I think the only team that has a chance to upset them is UCLA, but my guess is that the Trojans will be playing for a third straight ring.

Do you get the feeling that USC can turn it on and off whenever they want?

Cal did not look good beating New Mexico State, but they did not have to. You can't take much from that game. The Illinois game however.

I was pleased to see the Washington did not quit against Notre Dame, but does anyone really think Isaiah Stanback is going to be the guy?

I guess my concerns about ASU's offense scuffling without a proven runner was a bit off. The Devils do not have the greatest defense, but may not need it often this season.

Around the nation…

Texas Tech spoke about trying to score 100. Well, they came up 37 points short but they are no less impressive. I think their offense is so good that I could throw for 3,000 yards in the system.

Virginia Tech may be the second best team in the nation. I thought Marcus Vick was living off of his brother's reputation, but he's good enough to get the job done, especially with "Beamer Ball" working so well.

Florida is also pretty darn good. I have been an Urban Meyer fan since he was at Bowling Green and I predict he'll eclipse Spurrier at Florida.

Speaking of Bowling Green, how did they lose so bad to Boise? I mean Boise is solid but they lost by 28 on the Smurf Turf. So much for Brandon Jacobs' Heisman chances.

I do think it is time to add Michigan State's Drew Stanton to the list. He has over 1,100 yards passing already and 13 touchdowns. He's projected to throw for 3,200 and 36 scores. All that and MSU has not scored less than 42 points this season in starting 4-0.

Take Purdue, Michigan and Iowa out of the Big Ten race. Right now it looks like the Spartans and Ohio State are the teams to beat, while Minnesota and Wisconsin look like the dark horses.

Isn't being a RB at Wisconsin a guarantee for 1,000 yards? Brian Calhoun already has 600. What's the better gig a Wisconsin runner or a Texas Tech passer?

It must be tough to be a Clemson fan. Two weeks, two overtime loses.

So much for Louisville and the BCS talk. Not only did South Florida beat them, but they beat them 45-14. They join Utah, Boise State, TCU and Fresno as BCS pretenders.

UTEP is 3-0. I think Mike Price can coach a little bit.


So much for the Chiefs' new and improved defense. More importantly, what happened to the offense against Denver?

Seriously, the Bengals are 3-0? They have the worst uniforms in the league, maybe the history of the league, but they are playing good ball. Carson Palmer is proving there is life after Norm Chow and Marvin Lewis is proving what most of us thought all along, he can flat out coach.

Can we give Cadillac Williams the Rookie of the Year award right now? His Bucs are 3-0 and looking good.

Maybe Brett Favre should have called it quits last year. Things are not looking good in Green Bay. 0-3 and Mike Sherman may be on his way out.

Who'd have thought that the Colts be winning games with defense? Edgerin James and Marvin Harrison may not be the elite players they once were, but you know the offense will come around and when it does the Colts may be tough to beat.

I thought that it was a mistake to hire a college coach, but Nick Saban is proving me wrong. He has Miami at 2-1 and look like they can be a decent team. With the injuries in Buffalo and New York, the Fins could finish second in the AFC East.

The Jets lost two quarterbacks in their loss to Jacksonville. Now Brooks Bollinger will start for New York. I don't know about you but when Bollinger played for Wisconsin I did not exactly see a Super Bowl quarterback. Of course he is just keeping the seat warm for… Vinny Testaverde. Was Otto Graham not available? If you are a Jets fan you have to hope the team is swinging a deal for Jon Kitna sometime soon.

Did someone forget to tell Daunte Culpepper that the season started three weeks ago?

Oakland is the best 0-3 team in the league, but that is not much solace to a team that is already two games out of first. Randy Moss can only help if you can get him the ball.

So much for the Cardinals and the playoffs. Enjoy Matt Leinart next year.

Finally, do you ever feel that you know more than some of the coaches in the NFL? Well, anyone who has ever played Madden on the Play Station knows that you want to get the ball into the hands of your best player as much as possible. I am glad the Chargers figured out they should get the ball into the hands of Tomlinson. Maybe next Marty will figure out how to coach in the playoffs.

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