Stoops Press Conference Quotes

The Cats had two weeks off to prepare for Cal. The Bears are really running the ball, while the Cats have been inconsistent on the ground. Stoops addressed those on a rare Wednesday press conference.

On the need to be better against the run:
Mike Stoops: "Defensively our inability to stop the run has been a problem. Obviously going into this game with the way cal rushes the football we nee to be much improved." On Cal QB Ben Ayoob:
Stoops: "He is definitely becoming more comfortable through playing time. You can't just throw him out there and expect him to be able to execute everything that you want them to. You need game experience. He definitely has gotten better every time he has stepped on the field."

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On the difference between Cal's rushing attack and the schemes of Utah and Purdue:
Stoops: "They are more of a lead and power team with a fullback and play action. They are multiple in their attack. They will run at you very well.

"We need to tackle better. the secondary has to be n position. We get out of position a lot. If they break the line they shouldn't break big plays if we are in the right position.

"Big plays really have prohibited us from being a very good defensive team. We give up big plays in big chunks of yardage. We will play 40 or 50 the way we are supposed to. You can't give up the big plays. That is where we are at defensively. We do some decent things and play well at times, but we are very inconsistent."

On the challenges in facing Cal:
Stoops: "There are a bunch. Getting them one dimensional, trying to. That is going to be a tall task. We need to play better up front. We need to play more physical and run down hill . We need to play better un defense. If you are going to win you can't give up 200 yards per game rushing.

"Offensively we have to control the football and not give them a bunch of opportunities. We would like to control the ball and limit their touches."

On the lack of playing time of JC DT's Ricky Parker and Byron Smith:
Stoops: "You would have liked it (seeing them play more). Rickey has practiced well and is getting in shape. He has never been in great shape. That comes from playing and not being in the system. It is difficult for junior college players to come in and make a huge impact early on. It usually takes them half a year to get acclimated to the process of developing into a player. it is very difficult. Junior college is higher than high school but still not the level that you move up to a pac-10 school.

"Michael Johnson ahs adapted well. Adam Hawes is a guy we are really happy with. We are happy. I think those are all quality players. we need to get min get in shape and get stronger."

On the Arizona running game:
Stoops: "Our running game is not what it has needed to be but that is why we are putting a lot of numbers in there. They are putting guys there to stop the run and that is why we are able to throw the ball.

"I am kind of disappointed Chris has gotten off to such a slow start, but we keep trying to work him in there. Hopefully he will have the opportunity to runt eh ball in there. All three should get carries. I think we have missed holes this year. overall, I am not pleased with the way we have run the football. We have had opportunities and not converted on big play opportunities."

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