Pete Carroll talks to Arizona media

The Trojans survived one Arizona based team and now have to face another. The Sun Devils gave USC a huge scare and last year the Cats hung with the national champs for two and a half quarters. Head coach Pete Carroll conducted a conference call with the Tucson media.

On their recent slow starts:

Pete Carroll: "Nobody plans to do that. We have had the opportunity to deal with it. We have handled it all right. We have had a number of games like this over the years. It was just a little more dramatic this week."

On whether the Trojans are a dynasty:

Carroll: "I don't think it applies. It does not have any meaning towards us at all. What has happened before it so far gone already it doesn't make a difference. Last year, three years ago, last week. We do the same approach.

"We don't talk about those things because it does not serve us well and it has no barring on us."

On the Wildcats:

Carroll: "They have shown they can be really effective against everybody. They just have had trouble keeping it throughout the whole game. At times they were really great against Purdue and looked solid. they had good defense against Cal. Cal really had to scramble to get plays and touchdowns. One big run, one big pass and it is a really close game.

Mike's teams really play good defense and they really have a scheme that gives you problems. the kids play aggressive and they are tough. I think they gave us problems last year. They handled us right at the bat. We expect a really good challenge from their defense and we know the offense has play in them. Kovalcheck has thrown the ball all over the place. And shown he can make the big throws."

On the close first half in last year's game:

Carroll: "They played really hard and they are a good defense. Their schemes are very solid. They know how to mix their looks and their pressures. They came after us and were really effective. We respect the heck out of what they are doing and what they are capable of doing.

"They were able to keep us off balance. They came after us good and were effective."

On whether the team needed a tough game like the one they had against ASU:

Carroll: "These games are good for you. I love the fact we have not had to lose to learn a lesson. They are good lessons. It is clear that when you make mistakes and hurt yourself you can't perform well. We have fallen behind in these games because of what we are doing. We can see how it affects and sways on you. We have to do something about it and play better."

"We are a very good finishing program and have been for a long time. We have had to rely on it. We can build on that."

On the ability of Reggie Bush:

Carroll: "This guy is really something. he is fun to coach and a great guy. he is such a terrific competitor and such a great kid and a great competitor. He is fun to coach. He does it all. At some point we try to give him a chance to do everything that falls under his ability, which he can run the ball down hill in the backfield, he can get on the edge and catch the ball as a route runner, he can catch the ball out of the backfield, that with the kicking game. We have not had a chance to get him to punt, but he is our backup punter."

On the Trojan's current win streak:

Carroll: "Surprising, I never thought about winning that many games in a row. We coach to win every game that we play. it has been great fun to be in the mist of all of this. we are fortunate we are we have this opportunity to win a bunch of games in a row, and we can keep doing it if we stay right. I don't know about marvel at it, but it is really fun and I love the fact this is where we are all about. Let's see how far we can take it. it is a great challenge for all of us."

On Lendale White:

Carroll: "Lendale is the guy who in his first two years scored 31 touchdowns or whatever it was and rushed for 1,000 yards last year. he has been a huge part of our offense. Right now these guys have both carried the ball the same amount of times. Lendale is almost 240 pounds and he is a force coming down hill at you and will do whatever you need him to do. He is a more classic type of tailback. he gives us great mix of styles. We have been at our best when we have had a physical running back there to mix with the perimeter attack in the passing game we have."

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