Four lead for 2007 wing

Versatile small forward Jamelle Horne took an unofficial visit to Arizona as he and his AAU team, the Compton Magic were in Phoenix assisting in the Hurricane Relief effort. Cat Tracks caught up with the junior to get his thoughts on the visit.

Jamelle Horne went to Phoenix with his AAU team and put on a showcase as part of the Hurricane Katrina relief effort. While there, he and his father decided to drive the 100+ miles to Tucson to visit the UA. Horne sang Arizona's praises following the visit.

"I loved it," said Horne. "My favorite part was that everything is close to the gym including the facilities, advisors, and the weight room. Everything was beautiful."

While Horne could not say enough good things about the UA campus, he was extraordinarily impressed with one particular aspect of the facilities.

"They showed me the rehab facility with the 15-foot deep pool that can record you while trying to rehab an injury (which was impressive)," Horne added.

The underwater treadmill is one of the crown jewels in Arizona's state of the art rehab facility that is part of the training room which adjoins the weight room. Arizona is still part of Horne's list of favorite schools. "I am interested in Arizona, UConn, Georgia Tech, and Kentucky," explained Horne. "I have no leaders right now."

While Horne was impressed with the facilities, there was much more that he liked about Arizona.

"I loved the coaches," Horne said. "They are very easy to talk to. I loved the weather, campus, facilities and the gym. "To be honest, there is nothing that I dislike about Arizona," he added.

While it was clear that Horne was enamored with the UA campus, there are a few specific things he is looking for in a school.

"I am looking for coaches that aren't just coaches, that will go the extra step, and be there when your parents aren't," Horne explained. "Arizona has it."

Should Horne choose to attend Arizona, he would be leaving behind his family in San Diego, including his father who is helping him through this process all while running Plyotech, which deals with speed and power incorporated with basketball.

The 6-6 junior already has an idea on when he would like to make a decision.

"I hope to make a decision senior year before basketball season," says Horne.

Horne compares his game to two NBA superstars. If he is as talented as these players are, he will be a special player for years to come.

"I would compare my game to T-Mac on the outside, and K.G. on the inside," Horne added. "K.G. is very strong and aggressive. I love that."

Horne also commented on the strengths and weaknesses in his game. "I would say my strengths are my athleticism, shots, rebounding and finishing," said Horne. "I think my weaknesses are ball handling and transitions."

These skills are making Horne the 12th best 2007 small forward in the country, and one of the most aggressively touted high school athletes.

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