Recruits play well in pick-up

McKale Madness may have been a few hours away, but the Wildcat basketball team was on the floor for a hard fought pick-up session. Among the players running with the Cats were four of the five recruits who are in town to watch Friday night's festivities.


The best performance of the recruits was that of Chase Budinger. The 6-7 wing did not dominate as he had all summer on the AAU circuit, but more than held his own against his future teammates.

Budinger's shot was on and most of his buckets came from the outside. He did not attack the rim as much as he does against players his own age, but he did have a few acrobatic lay-ins as well as some nice pull-up jumpers.

The only knock on Budinger has been his defense, but he was solid of Friday. He did not lockdown any of his opponents, but none of the Wildcat wings he guarded were able to go off. This was no Salim Stoudamire vs. Shaun Livingston. Budinger showed enough defensive ability to make those who were worried about his defense to rest a little easier. He is not Reggie Geary, but it may take only a little work to get him to be another solid defender.

For those who had not seen Budinger play, the big surprise was his athleticism. Budinger was as athletic as anyone not named Hassan Adams on the floor. Several of the football players and coaches in attendance looked almost shocked after one of his dipsy-doo lay-ins.

Alex Jacobson did not have the performance that Budinger did, but he did have a nice showing. Considering he's just a high school junior, the seven footer held his own with the older, stronger Wildcat post players. He has a great body for a player his age and was able to get up and down the floor with the rest of the players. Many players his height are still getting used to their bodies, but Jacobson does not have a lot of awkwardness. He'll likely get more coordinated as he gets older, but he's hardly clumsy.

The Wear twins are only high school freshmen, but they showed that they have a lot of long term potential. Both were understandably passive, deferring to the older college players. They are both long and fairly athletic.

Both appear to have a nice, soft shot, although they weren't getting a lot of leg into it. Travis was a tad more aggressive, but both scored a game winner for his team.


Hassan Adams continues to handle the ball quite a bit. He ran point at times and his shot was falling. It's obvious that he has been working on his game this summer. At one point he called an iffy foul that caused a number of football players who watching to jeer him relentlessly.

Of all the young wings who are trying to prove something while Jawann McClellan and Chris Rodgers are out, Marcus Williams appears to have the most natural ability. He needs to learn the system, but if he does he could get the call in the early season.

Isaiah Fox is clearly thinner and did some good things. He had a few midrange jumpers and battled down low.

McClellan played two of the early games, but it is obvious that he's straining with the leg injury.

Chris Rodgers did not play, but was knocking down long range jumpers with some regularity.

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