Catching up with Louis Holmes

Someone should come up with a frequent visitor's card for Louis Holmes. It would be like a frequent diner's card, only good for discounts on gas in Casa Grande instead of discounts on dessert. Of course there is no such thing as a frequent visitor's card (it would probably be a violation of some sorts) but that hasn't stopped the JUCO DE from coming down to Tucson for no fewer than his 12th visit.

If Holmes spent any more time in Tucson he'd have to pay property taxes. Most of the time he has ventured to the Old Pueblo to hang out with fellow Floridian Jesus Verdejo and other members of the Wildcat basketball team. However, this weekend Holmes was headed to Tucson for a football game. His Scottsdale CC team was supposed to play Pima but the Aztecs forfeited the game, allowing Holmes to go out and watch the Wildcats play Stanford.

His frequent trips to Tucson have done nothing to diminish his interest in the Tucson or the Wildcats.

"It's cool," Holmes said. "It's going good. I like it down there."

The Cats remain in his top-three, along with two traditional powerhouses.

"I don't have a leader," said Holmes. "I'd say that my three leaders are SC, LSU and UofA."

Holmes has no timetable and at this time is unsure of what will push one school over the others. He is looking for a quality education and immediate playing time, but all three programs seem to offer that in one form or another. There is one factor that benefits the Wildcats and Trojans over the Tigers.

"I think I might stay on the West Coast," Holmes stated. "I like it out here.

"I'm real undecided right now. It could be any time once I make my mind up." Holmes has made trips to all three schools, as well as a few others. He was out in Los Angeles two weeks ago and got to see the Trojans take on some familiar faces. " It was fun, I had a lot of fun," Holmes said. "I got a chance to see them play against UofA. I was kind of neutral. I rooted for both teams."

In addition to Verdejo, Holmes has become good friends with basketball player Hassan Adams and Marcus Smith and Lawrence Ball of the football team. Smith was injured early in the season and should receive an extra year of eligibility. While you may think that the addition of a fifth-year senior would be a deterrent but it is just the opposite.

"Me and Marcus Smith are really cool," Holmes said. "We've talked about what it would be like to play together."

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