Interview with 2003 prospect Brian Butch

Cat Tracks recently spoke with Appleton, Wisconsin center Brian Butch, a highly rated prospect from the class of 2003. The 6-11, 215-pound Butch said that he still has nine teams on his list but rumor has it that Arizona is his favorite heading into his official visit this weekend in Tucson.

The following is the interview Cat Tracks publisher Doug Carr conducted with Brian Butch.

Cat Tracks: How tall are you now and what do you weigh?

Brian Butch: I'm 6-11 but I might be a little bit taller. I weigh 215."

CT: What are you looking for when you come in for your visit (this weekend)?

BB: "I'm mostly looking to get a vibe from the players and the people down there and see how everybody is."

CT: What were your final numbers from this season?

BB: "I averaged 21 (points) and 12 (rebounds) per game."

CT: Can you talk a little bit about some of your strengths and weaknesses for those people that haven't seen you play?

BB: "My strengths are my outside shooting and ability to take the ball to the basket. I can play down low a little bit too. Some of my weakness are my strength. I'm not as strong as I want to be quite yet and my weight. I'm not the biggest kid by far. I can still improve on my shooting, on my touch, on my free throw percentage, on my jump shots, everything."

CT: Did you grow at a steady rate and was that why you are able to be so good putting the ball on the floor for a big man?

BB: "I've always been tall and I've always played the five. The one place where I've developed those skills [big man being able to put the ball on the floor] has been from screwing around on the driveway mostly. Because when I did play on the younger teams I always was in the post and I never got to go outside and shoot, so screwing around in the driveway really really paid off."

CT: It's obvious that you're a very good athlete for a guy your size. What did you do to have that happen?"

BB: "I played all three sports, football, basketball and baseball when I was younger so that improved my mobility and quickness but it can still get better. But, it's a lot better than some 6-11 guys."

CT: Have you been on any other visits yet or will this be your first one, and who are some of your favorite schools that you're looking at?

BB: "I haven't been on any other visits other than the one I'll take to Arizona. I don't have a favorite but I kind of have a top nine."

CT: Do you want to make an early commitment before the July camps just to get it over with?

BB: "I'll make my decision in the fall. I want to get some of it over with and some of it not over with. The reason we're doing this now is because it's an open weekend that we had and me and my family thought this was the best time to come down. We've never been to Tucson before."

CT: What have you heard about Tucson and what is your general perception of this place?

BB: "I've heard that it's hot and sunny a lot. I've been to Las Vegas for the Big Time tournament before so I'm kind of judging it to be a lot like that with the weather and the kind of people."

CT: What else do you look for when deciding on where to play in college?

BB: "The style of offense and the way they play. Probably the biggest thing will be the people I'm surrounded by because they're my family for the next four or five years."

CT: How much is distance a factor in your decision?

BB: "My parents would love to see me play close to home but they'll support where I want to go 110% so (distance) isn't that much of a factor."

CT: What kind of student are you?

BB: "My GPA is like 3.8 so I'm a pretty good student. Thinking about a business type, marketing thing but that can change."

CT: What comes to mind when you think about Arizona's program?

BB: "Coach Lute Olson and how he handles himself on and off the court. He's had a winning team every single year he's been there. You can see that he puts a lot of time into his team and gives a lot of (effort) to those guys. You can just see it."

CT: Okay, so who are just SOME of your favorite schools right now?

BB: "Wisconsin, Marquette, Tennessee, Kansas, Iowa, Stanford, North Carolina and Arizona.

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