Schu-LESS Strings: Dirt on Schu plus movies

Schu, being the International Man of Leisure that he is, has jetted off to Manhattan for a week or so leaving the rest of the staff envious of his playboy lifestyle. In his absence I debated whether to run a "best-of" 'Schu Strings' (as if there were such a thing) or to not run anything on his normal column day. Knowing that Schu has a huge following (so he keeps telling me) I decided to run a column in his weekly spot.

Schu likes movies so I thought I'd discuss sports movies, UA references in movies and dish some dirt on Schu all in one column.

It is a known fact that Schu is not a fan of baseball. He was luke-warm to the sport in the past, but after the last strike Schu all but gave up on America's past time. Schu still goes to the occasional Sidewinders game, but it is usually to impress a young lady or to hang out with the ever-charismatic Ryan Radtke.

Just because Schu doesn't like baseball, it doesn't mean I can't discuss some of the fine baseball movies. Baseball has made the best transition to the silver screen of any sport ("Rookie of the Year", "Little Big Leagues" and "Summer Catch" among notable exceptions) .

In no particular order here are some of my favorite baseball movies.

1. "Bull Durham" - One of the only good Kevin Costner movies. (What happened to this guy's career? He went from the "Untouchables" and "Dances With Wolves" to "Water World" and "The Postman". A very funny look at minor league life. Tim Robbins didn't look like much of a pitcher, but the rest of the baseball scenes were pretty good. A little raunchy for family viewing.

2. "Major League" - Very funny. Movie is already dated as back then the Indians never sniffed the play offs, but were good for several years afterwards. Not the most realistic baseball movie, but it is VERY entertaining. Great cast that includes Charlie Sheen, Corbin Bernson, Denis Haysbert (now of "24" fame), a young Wesley Snipes, Tom Berringer and Rene Russo. A number of classic lines, plus the great voodoo doll Joboo ("Up yours Joboo").

3. "The Natural" - Great nostalgic look at the golden age of baseball. The sets and scenery are fantastic as is most of the game footage. Who can forget the final home run into the light bank. Another great cast and a fun, almost mythological story.




4. "Field of Dreams" - Not really a baseball movie, but I love it anyway. Costner was still good, but he hadn't yet moved on to bad sci-fi flicks and even worse attempts at accents. Based on a great novel by W.P. Kinsella called "Shoeless Joe". His "Iowa Baseball Conspiracy" and "Box Socials" are also great. The end of the movie chokes me up every time he has a catch with his dad.

Schu collects Godzilla toys. He has hundreds of them filling every available inch of shelf space in his family room. He has tiny little Godzilla key chains and giant 3-foot tall Godzillas. He even has an origami Godzilla that a friend made him. He also has Rodans, Gameras, Mecha-Godzillas and something calleda Bio-Lage which is apparently a mutated plant monster.

 Schu has this... ...and this

It's hard to point what the Godzilla of all action movies are, but I'd have to say it may very well be "Die Hard". Not only did it resurrect Bruce Willis' career, but it created a whole new genre of action movie, that is one man stuck in a place while a roving team of killers tries to hunt him down. This was also used in "Under Siege" ("Die Hard" on a ship), "Die Hard 2" ("Die Hard" in an air port), "Under Siege 2" ("Die Hard" on a train), "Air Force One" ("Die Hard" on a plane), "Executive Decision" ("Die Hard" on another plane), "The Rock" ("Die Hard" at Alcatraz) and "Toy Soldiers" ("Die Hard" at a boarding school).

Although "Die Hard" is great, so were "Predator", "Aliens", "Hard Boiled", "The Terminator", "The Killer" and "Bloodsport". Okay maybe great isn't the right word, but they sure entertained me.

I mentioned "Summer Catch" above. While it was a pretty bad movie (aren't most Freddie Prinz Jr. movies?) there is one neat fact. Wilmner Valderama, best known for his role as Fez in Fox's "That 70's Show", Valderama plays a UofA baseball player. He's seen early in the movie with his UA hat and bag.

Like most guys Schu has a "Top-5" list of attractive famous women. One of those five is Selma Hayek. She makes the list in large part for her role as the Vampire Queen in "From Dusk to Dawn". The movie was mostly forgettable, but it deserves mention because it is a Quentin Tarantino movie. While Tarantino can be hit or miss, there should be no argument that "Reservoir Dogs", "Pulp Fiction" and "True Romance" are exceptional movies. Not for the faint of heart, but great nonetheless.

Selma Hayek often plays a Mexican character. I only mention this because recently Schu walked into the wrong bathroom at a Chuy's. Instead of making it into the men's room, he strolled into the women's bathroom where a waitress was fixing her hair. She was good natured about it, but was surprised to learn that Schu had not been partaking in the large pitcher of margaritas that were at the table.

Another notable movie scene is the scene in "Speed" where Keanu Reeves sees the Wildcat helmet on Sandra Bullock's shirt and says, "Arizona Wildcats, good team." Apparently the screenwriters went to the UA. Schu (an myself as well) is an aspiring screen writer. Schu has written a historical action movie that is pretty darn good. I'd tell you what it is about, but it's a very good idea and Schu would kill me if someone stole it. Any Hollywood types out there?

Speaking of Keanu, have you noticed that Chris ("American Pie", "Rollerball") Klein has that same blank stare and lack of acting ability that Reeves has? They often times look like they are way over their head and half expect to be exposed as frauds at any moment. I can't really knock them though, like I'll ever make that much money. By the way, it was Schu who pointed out that similarity to me.

 Keanu Reeves Chirs Klein

Schu is a huge wresting fan. Huge. He once went to three straight wrestling shows in three straight nights, in three different cities. His trek took him from Las Vegas, to Phoenix, to Tucson. He has also driven to L.A., San Diego and Prescott to see wrestling shows. He also took a "chair shot" from his neighbor Gabe when the two were horsing around. Gabe was supposed to lightly tap Schu on the back, but instead hit him just over the eye, causing a nasty gash that bled for several hours. In the wrestling business bleeding on purpose is called "juicing". Many times the wrestlers will intentionally cut themselves with razor blades in order the "juice" (I have no idea why I added this useless fact.)

There are NO good wrestling movies, although a few wrestlers have been in some decent movies. Hulk Hogan was in "Rocky 3", the Fabulous Freebirds were in "Highlande

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