Up Close: Bolasky and Reed

On Friday night Sabino rolled over Pueblo 42-0. It was my first opportunity to see Wildcat recruits Glyndon Bolasky and Brooks Reed in person. Here is what I saw from the two

Brooks Reed

The first thing you notice about Reed is his size. He's a big boy. He's bigger than 75% of the players in Tucson and is a monster in the backfield. He's listed at 6-3, 220 and he's probably a tad heavier than that.

The most impressive thing about him is that he is already playing an advanced role in the offense. Unlike most fullbacks that play lead blocker and not much else, Reed is used more like a true H-Back. Sabino lines him up all over the field. He'll be used as an up-man, tailback, slot receiver and even a wing back. They use a lot of motion and Reed is often times shifting all over the field.

He is athletic. He moves very well and is even the Sabercats' punter. He has nice hands and can slip out of the backfield as a receiver. He is a decent blocker, when he gets his hands on a pass rusher. On a few occasions he did not anticipate the angle the blitzer was coming and did not get a good shot at them.

Running the ball he has good speed, but is clearly a north/south runner. He rarely, if ever employs moves when he runs, instead using his size and strength to run over would-be tacklers.

On defense Reed is a nice looking, but unspectacular defensive end. With his size and speed he could develop into a decent prospect, but right now he is clearly a better back prospect than defensive prospect. I reserve some judgment on his defensive skills due to the fact that he did not get to pass rush and that the Pueblo offense is not very good. Reed was rarely challenged, so maybe I did not see him at his best.

With only one game and some video for my evaluation I feel that he is a very nice fullback/H-back recruit, but I am not sold on his defense. Although he played 70% of the defensive snaps, I just have no feel for what he can do.

Glyndon Bolasky

I am impressed but not sold if that makes any sense. Bolasky had an unbelievable game and showed some nice skills, but I just don't know how good he is. He was playing an inferior team with a superior line, so it is hard to tell what he can do.

He is quick and athletic. He's stronger than the average Tucson high school player, but I just don't think he'll be big enough or strong enough to lower the shoulder consistently in college.

He is quick and athletic. He's put together, but he's very big. He didn't look exceptionally fast, but he's not slow. That being said, he has great instincts and runs hard. With some more development and the right system he could develop into a nice back.

Frankly, I see why teams like his as a DB, especially safety. He's solid, quick and seems to enjoy contact. I could see him becoming a big hitter, while also being a good cover guy. At Sabino he plays corner back, not safety, and maybe played five snaps on defense. I just did not see nearly enough to evaluate him as a defensive player, but he has the skill set to play the spot.


I can see what teams like in both guys. To me Reed is the closer to a sure thing, but Bolasky may be the one with more upside. I would like to see Bolasky play some safety, because I am not convinced he is a BCS conference level half back. I could be wrong, but I just think he is better off on the defensive side of the ball. Reed is a safe bet to be an effective H-Back somewhere. He is already used to the position and has the skills.

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