Game Log: Red/Blue Game

I have to admit, I am not the hugest fan of the Red/Blue game. Sure it is a better quality of play than pick-ups or the pre-season scrimmages, but it is still basically a tease for the regular season. It's great to see the players back in uniform again, but who do you root for? You want to see players score, but not too much. In the end it is fun, but not as fun as the real thing.

19:52 in the first half:
Mohamed Tangara and Isaiah Fox are sprawled out on the floor for a loose ball. Think these guys are not ready to play?

19:50 in the first half:
The young guns of the Blue team just forced a turnover via the full court press. These kids are both long and quick. The future is bright.

in the first half:
The Red's defensive pressure forces the younger Blues to run a lot of time off the shot clock but J.P. Prince drains a three as the clock winds down.

18:21 in the first half:
Two threes and the kids are on a 7-0 run. Guess Lute can still recruit huh?

17:04 in the first half:
The Red is on the board. Rodgers with the dish to Adams for an easy lay-up. He used the cross-over and head fake to set up the easy score. So many times before Rodgers used those same moves to put up a shot. Now he uses them to get the assist.

15:57 in the first half:
Well, there's a television timeout. That's right, a television timeout for a game that is not on television.

15:31 in the first half:
C-Ro promised we'd see a new player this season. If he keeps draining threes like he just die his prediction will be dead on. His shot barely moved the net. Better yet, he took it as part of the natural flow of the offense.

14:41 in the first half:
Bret Brielmaier drains a 19-footer. Who knew?

14:27 in the first half:
Kirk Walters blows a dunk on the offensive end but makes up for it with a block that leads to a 3-0 fast break. On the break Fox finishes with a lay-in. Good to see Fox running the floor, but you'd like to see a little more lift on the finish.

13:33 in the first half:
Adams drains a three. If he keeps that up he'll be thinking Lottery in June.

11:54 in the first half:
Marcus Williams drains a three with a man in his face. In fact there may have been some contact as he has to get a small cut on his hand looked at.

6:26 in the first half:
Walk-on David Bagga takes the floor. No offense to Mr. Bagga, but I'd be shocked of we see him in a game this early this year.

5:49 in the first half:
Bagga rips down a rebound.

4:43 in the first half:
If C-Ro's slashing finger roll was not sweet enough, he did it left handed.

4:32 in the first half:
JMac left the floor with an injury. He did not go to the bench, but to the locker room. Not a good sign at all.

3:43 in the first half:
J.P. Prince is whistled for a foul on what looked to be a clean block. Glad to see the Pac-10 officials are in mid-season form.

1:20 in the first half:
Prince is forced to jack-up a three as the shot clock expires. He misses, but Brielmaier comes storming in from nowhere for the put-back.

0:00 in the first half:
The little girl in front of me has been crying for the last five minutes. She must be an ASU fan who realizes the Devils are not closing the gap.

20:00 in the second half:
McClellan is back. That is great to see.

16:34 in the second half:
Jesus Verdejo switches teams and scored two straight, including a sweet steal and dunk.

12:30 in the second half:
A lot of missed jumpers. It looks like there are some tired legs. I get the feeling that Lute will be running these guys a lot in practice to get the conditioning levels higher.

11:52 in the second half:
The first, but not the last time I'll write this: Hassan Adams with a nasty dunk. He drives through traffic and finishes with a one-handed throw-down.

9:27 in the second half:
Ivan Radenovic has 13 points and most have come inside. We heard so much about the four out, one in offense, but Radenovic's has done most of his scoring from inside of 10 feet.

6:21 in the second half:
Official attendance is 7,603. You'd think that all of the fans who complain that they can never get tickets would show up, but there were more folks here for Midnight Madness. I'd at least think that the bottom portion of the arena would be full.

5:00 in the second half:
Figure this one out. Fox shoots his first free throw and he looks really off balanced, with a leg flailing off to the side. He makes that one. His next shot looks much better, but despite the near perfect form, he misses.

3:27 in the second half:
I am really going to miss Hassan Adams dunk after he graduates. He just threw down a spectacular alley-oop. We almost take them for granted now.

40.0 in the second half:
Fox drains a three. He's got 15. Add to that seven rebounds and you have a great night. Are we seeing the resurgence of Isaiah Fox?

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