Game Log: Cats roll!

It is one of the biggest victories in the history of the program. The Cats played one of their most complete games against a top-10 opponent. Rarely have Wildcat teams dominated lesser programs this way, much less a team of UCLA's caliber. Here are the observations from the game.

14:25 in the first
Jones-Drew just turned a three yard loss into a four yard gain. I just had a Sharman Shaw flashback, although it was not nearly as traumatic as that run.

11:40 in the first
The "Tui-tama" chant begins before the Arizona offense takes the field. I am not sure any other UA passer has ever had his name chanted. No pressure kid.

11:28 in the first
Great play…almost! Tuitama executes a great play fake, finds Mike Bell wide open with only one man to beat. Bell cuts to the middle, trying to set up a block and falls as he tries to put a move on the would-be tackler. Credit the 30-yard line with the tackle.

9:11 in the first
Cats go with little reverse to Thomas and he goes 17-yards for the score. It looked like he may step out of bounds, but he walks the tight rope and dives to the pylon. Cats use a little razzle-dazzle and lead 7-0.

Big shock, the Bruins find themselves down in a game.

7:37 in the first
Give Darrell Brooks an Oscar. He dove and hauled in a tipped ball, but it was ruled incomplete. Brooksie hops around, protesting the "bad call". The replay showed that it was not even close, taking a huge hop into his arms.

7:33 in the first
It appears as if President Likens is hoisting up a cheerleader on the sidelines. He does this every year at homecoming. Not a bad display of strength by the school president. Just in case you care, he's wearing a Syndric Steptoe jersey.

4:30 in the first
Not a good sign. The Cats have had a delay of game and have been forced to call a timeout to avoid a second penalty on this drive. The good news is that they are inside the UCLA 20-yard line.

3:16 in the first
I don't get to write this very often, but the Cats catch a break. UCLA is whistled for a phantom facemask call and the Cats get the ball inside the 10.

3:10 in the first
Cats get on the board with another great ball fake. Tuitama fakes the hand off to Harris and the entire team goes to the right, except for Brad Wood. Wood is all alone, literally 15-yards away from the closest defender, and gets the easy touchdown.

Before the kick they announce that the Cats have not scored 14 points in a first quarter all year. That is a bit surprising as the Cats have scored on their first drive twice, against NAU and Stanford.

1:41 in the first
Cats get it done again. Tuitama hits Thomas on a slant and the speedster races 48 yards for the score. The Cats are actually up 21-0. I know that UCLA plays well from behind, but this is crazy. I guess we'll see what Karl Dorrell has up his sleeve.

0:00 in the first
Schu and I have this theory that the Bruins keep coming from behind because they need the media attention. With USC grabbing the bulk of the headlines, Dorrell figured a bunch of tight, come from behind wins, would keep the fickle Los Angeles media keeping an eye on them.

If that is the plan, Dorrell is sure doing a good job getting in a hole.

12:37 in the second
Tuitama throws his first incompletion, missing a wide-open Brad Wood high. He's 7-8 or 138 and two scores as of now.

11:13 in the second
Canales is pulling out all the stops. They just ran a direct snap to the running back, while Tuitama was pretending to be confused. The back then tosses to Thomas who is sprinting around on the reverse. Thomas looks to be dead in the backfield, but turns the corner and races for a seven yard gain.

10:08 in the second
I am not sure what I am seeing, but the Cats just went up 28-0. they drove 90 yards, running Gilbert Harris four times over the left side. He capped it with an 18-yard touchdown run.

Strangely enough, in the first quarter the Cats were effective attacking the right side of UCLA's line.

9:26 in the second
UCLA goes to the no-huddle and Olson finds a wide-open Mercedes Lewis on a third and long. They need to do something to shake things up. Before that play, the Bruins had 48 yards of total offense.

9:02 in the second
UCLA quickly gets to the Arizona 31 using the no-huddle, then for no reason abandon it. They slow it down and are faced with a third and four. In my book, if something is working, you keep going to it.

6:15 in the second
The Cats hold on fourth and inches. Olson tries to go into the pile and actually loses a few inches.

4:20 in the second
Well, for the first time all night the Cats fail to score. They are forced to punt and UCLA will take over at their 39. Arizona got a tad conservative on the drive. Bell gained 20+ on the first play, but they ran him twice more for two small losses. I know they are up 28, but I think you need to go for the jugular there.

2:30 in the second
UCLA on the board. They march 61 yards in six plays and made it look pretty easy. Mercedes Lewis with two big plays, including the touchdown catch. This time the Bruins stay in the no-huddle.

2:02 in the second
I just turned to Schu and said "28 points is not enough". Only in the Pac-10 is a three-touchdown lead not enough to feel comfortable.

:58 in the second
Bell with another long run and another slip. He tried to cut it up field and slipped. Once again the 35-yard line gets credit for the tackle. He went 39 on the play that was rally just designed to eat up clock.

:03 in the second
Cats kick a field goal, but really mismanaged the clock at the end. They had the ball with :25 inside the 20, but run just one play and settle for the FG.

12:30 in the third
Twice the Cats have made something from nothing. It appeared that Tuitama was going to be sacked, but he stayed upright just long enough to get the ball to Gilbert Harris. Harris lost two, and the play was ill-advised, but a two-yard loss was better than the eight-yard sack he would have had.

On the next play Tuitama is hit as he throws, but Money Mike adjusts and catches the wobbly, short throw for a first down.

12:05 in the third
Shades of Ortege. Mike Bell scores on an eight-yard run, the last three coming on a summersault that saw him do a full flip in the air, landing six inches into the endzone on his back.

11:12 in the third
This one is the back breaker. Syndric Steptoe avoids a tackler and scoots XX yards for a score and a 45-7 lead.

Let that soak in.

Arizona is winning this football game 45-7 over a top-10 UCLA team.

8:54 in the third
Chris Henry is now in the game. I guess the coaches feel a little bit comfortable. UCLA's body language just screams ‘defeated'.

4:09 in the third
Marcus Hollingsworth scores a touchdown and almost missed his chance. He broke up a backwards screen and then celebrated. The only problem was the ball was live and rolling in the endzone. Hollingsworth started pumping his fists and celebrating before he realized that it was a live ball and pounced on it.

2:00 in the fourth
The crowd starts to prepare to storm the field. They are slowly creeping their way to the sideline. I will be shocked if this game is actually finished.

0:00 in the fourth
CATS WIN! CATS WIN! The kids are going crazy. I was on the field when they beat No. 1 Washington and it did not compare to this scene.

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