Stoops on the win and Washington

Mike Stoops is just a little happier during his Monday press gatherings. He's never been surly, but he seems to be in just a little bit of a better mood now. He talked about the big win over UCLA as well as a showdown with Washington.

Stoops on preparing for UCLA:

Mike Stoops: "We changed some things last week. We did more good on good so we had better players working our teams on both sides of the ball. We cut practice down because we wanted to work on our intensity. I think our kids really looked fresh and looked sharp on Saturday night."

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On what the win means:

Stoops: "The biggest thing you get is confidence. We have been tinkering with confidence in really believing in what you are doing. I think this, even though we played close, you have to win. to win a game like this, and so emphatically, it gives your program a great deal of confidence. There are times we really didn't know how good we really are.

Being an undefeated 6th ranked team the way we did says a lot about our progress and our mental belief factor has gotten stronger." Confidence is a big thing in football. You can't have false confidence. You truly have to believe in what you are doing and trust what is happening. all of our players really believe in what we are telling them.

"That is not uncommon for any team that is trying to change the whole culture of a football team.

Where we were at and what we were playing with, we had to change everything about who we were two years ago. Finally I think we are starting to see a lot more improved psychologically improved team."

On what Willie Tuitama has meant to the turnaround:

Stoops: "Willie is a very unique person. He is an unbelievable competitor, along with his confidence. he does not know anything but winning. That is a very strong quality to have. the kids really take to him. He is a very humble and heard working person. He is for everybody. he is with the defense and the kicking game. He does not want to sit and talk on the headphones to coach canales, he wants to see what is going on. that just tells you how into the game he really is."

On Washington:

Stoops: "They are a lot like our team. they fight for everything they get. They play extremely hard. they are well coached in every aspect. They are searching for an identity offensively, consistent play from the quarterback. They are very similar to us in a lot of ways. they do some awfully good things during the course of the game. It is hard for them to get big plays. "They are just trying to find their way. The kids play extremely hard and they are well coached. Tyrone has proven that every where he has gone.

"They are frustrated like we are about some of their results. turnovers, and giving up plays in certain areas has really led to their demise. Learning how to win takes a great deal of time and development. That is where they are at."

On the lack of Wildcat turnovers:

Stoops: "After the Oregon game they started to believe that we can't turn the ball over and win. This is keeping us from winning. they have really taken a conscious effort to start doing the little things right and underrated it is keeping us from being a very good football team. We are on the verge of doing some unbelievable things. We continue to hurt ourselves and beat ourselves throughout the big part of the season. that comes from accountability."

On Gilbert Harris:

Stoops: "Gilbert is a big physical running back. He can maybe be a tailback, maybe be a fullback. he is a hybrid guy out of the backfield. he has great vision to run inside is his strength. Mike has more quickness but Gilbert runs inside as well as anybody." On the fan reaction after the win:

Stoops: "I got a lot of messages. that is a good thing. tit was a fun night. a lot of people got to see the game and helps in all phases of our program.

"Hopefully that will give us something that will be our program and be a landmark game. that game means nothing if we don't come out and play our best this week. I look for our kids to continue to prepare and love to finish the season off on a positive quote."

"It is nice being on Sports Center doing all the good things and not being on the highlights on the wrong end of the highlights. It gives you a lot of hope. You are playing a true freshman quarterback who can make all the throws. You can see we can have total balance in our offense if we continue to get better. It helps you in all the recruiting.

"I heard from family, friends, all walks of life. Coach Frye called me about a month ago when things were not going so well. He was encouraging. they know. You stick with what you are doing and your philosophy and your principle. It will come to light. we are starting to see things piece together with this football team."

we have a lot of youth on this team, and it is a very good thing."

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