Lewis gives Tucson, UA an '11'

When the Arizona Wildcats crushed the UCLA Bruins this past weekend, they did so in front of a raucous crowd that included at least three official visitors. The Wildcat coaches have already been able to use the upset win to their advantage with two recent commitments from the Elmore twins and they are hoping to land all of the three studs that were in town to witness the beat down.

Clovis, California defensive end Chris Lewis was one of the official visitors in town for the big win. Lewis was in town on his second official visit and was hosted by his cousin, Arizona sophomore running back Chris Henry.

"I had a great time there," said the 250 pound Lewis. "My cousin Chris Henry was my host and he showed me a good time. I liked it a lot out there."

Lewis admitted that he did not expect the Wildcats to put on that good of a show on the field and he came away impressed with the way the team looked.

"Oh man was that a great game or what," he said with a chuckle. "They just hammered UCLA. They came out running and never looked back at all. As the game ended I rushed the field with the students and that was really fun, I got a kick out of that. It was funny to watch the students try and tear down the titanium goal posts. They tried but those things are too strong to bring down."

Other than the game, Lewis says he thought that Arizona was impressive in every facet of his visit.

"I really liked the campus and everything was beautiful," he commented. "The whole time I was there I was really welcomed and felt very comfortable with everything. Chris was great and all of the other guys were cool too. We hung out with Ronnie (Palmer), Syndric (Steptoe), Mike Thomas, (Wilrey) Fontenot, JT (Jonathan Turner), Copeland (Bryan), Marcus Smith and a whole bunch of other guys. They were all real down to earth and fun to hang out with."

Outside the football players Lewis said that he met a couple of the basketball players as well.

"I met Hassan (Adams), he came up and introduced himself to all of us at the game," he said. He is a real cool guy, he is funny."

Chris went on to admit that he felt really comfortable with all of the coaches and especially his would be position coach and his lead recruiter.

"Coach (Tim) Kish is recruiting me and he has been a cool guy all along," he said. "I met with Coach (Joe) Robinson and he was a really nice guy. I really liked all of the coaches; they are all very similar in how they treat people. They are all down to earth."

The one on one meeting with Head Coach Mike Stoops went really well also according to Lewis.

"He is a real up front and stand up guy," he said. "He is a good person and he told me what he would expect of me and what I could expect of him if I were a part of the program. He is real straight forward and passionate. I like him a lot."

Lewis added what he thought of the Arizona program and the future that it holds.

"Everything they are doing with that program is awesome," he said. "I can see that they are up and coming and that the losing is behind them. The program is going to be very good very quick."

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your visit?

"Oh man, like and 11," he said laughing. "I went to ASU and I really liked that too, I would give that one a ten, but Arizona was definitely an 11."

Lewis will now visit Fresno State, Oregon and UCLA and said that he would like to make a decision on or around signing day.

Stay tuned to Cat Tracks for all the latest with this California Stud.

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