Could a player be redshirting?

The Wildcats have a ton of win players on the roster. Many wondered if a player might redshirt. While nothing is definite, at least one Wildcat may indeed set the season out.

Nothing final has been decided, but Wildcat freshman Jesus Verdejo admits he may be redshirted this season.

"I don't think I am going to play tomorrow because Coach Olson is thinking about redshirting me," Verdejo said.

Olson did not specifically mention any players that were going to redshirt, but did mention that a few candidates would be held out of the exhibition games until a proper evaluation could be made.

"We might hold somebody out if we are not sure if we want to redshirt him or not," Olson noted. "The chances are pretty good we might have one or two guys in those situations."

Right now the Wildcats have six pure wing players on the roster, plus players like Fendi Onobun and J.P. Prince who can slide over and play one of the wing spots. Verdejo is battling Marcus Williams and Daniel Dillon for minutes behind Hassan Adams, Chris Rodgers and Jawann McClellan.

Verdejo is confident that the right decision will be made.

"He is a hall of famer and I respect him," he said of Olson. "Whatever he tells me I will do. If he tells me to redshirt I will redshirt."

Verdejo is looking at the long term picture and is fine with whatever happens. He admitted that he still had some work to do on his defense and overall feel of the schemes and that a year off would only make him better.

"He wants me to redshirt for a reason," Verdejo continued. "For the next four years I will be a good prospect for the team. I can be I feel good about the decision. "I've got 100% faith in him. You have to do what he tells us to do."


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