Arizona/Washington by the numbers

After winning two weeks in a row can the Wildcats make it three in a row this weekend as they send out the senior on Senior Day? We take an inside look at how the Cats stack up against the visiting Huskies.

All rankings are Pacific 10 Conference Rankings and are in parenthesis ( ).


Offense—UA—24.2 points per game (9th), UW—19.7 points per game (10th)

Defense—UA – 25.4 points per game (4th), UA—33 points per game (10th)


Offense—UA—230.4 yards per game (7th), UW—229.6 yards per game (8th)

Defense—UA—230.3 yards per game (4th), UW—279.4 yards per game (7th)


Offense—UA—121.2 yards per game (8th), UW—117.2 yards per game (10th)

Defense—UA—173.9 yards per game (8th), UW—140.7 yards per game (5th)


Offense—UA—351.7 yards per game (8th), UW—346.8 yards per game (9th)

Defense—UA—404.2 yards per game (4th), UW—420.1 yards per game (6th)

Pass Efficiency

Offense—UA—124.7 rating (7th), UW—121.0 rating (10th)

Defense—UA—127.6 rating (5th), UW—156.9 rating (10th)

First Downs

Offense—UA—171 converted (8th), UW—159 converted (9th)

Defense—UA—181 given up (6th), UW—199 given up (7th)

3rd Downs

Offense—UA—37.5% (48-128, 6th), UW—32.5% (37-114, 10th)

Defense—UA—33.1% (42-127, 1st), UW—44.4% (55-124, 9th)

Red Zone

Offense—UA—79.3% (23-29, 6th), UW—76.7% (23-30, 8th)

Defense—UA—80.6% (25-31, 4th), UW—94.7% (36-38, 10th)


Offense—UA—19 given up(4th), UW—23 given up (7th)

Defense—UA—21 sacks (5th), UW—20 sacks (6th)

Special Teams

Punting—UA—44.3 yard average (1st), UW—41.1 yard average (7th)

Net –UA—37 yard average (1st), UW—32.2 yard average (7th)

Kickoff Returns—UA—22.7 yds/return (3rd), UW—20.3 yds/return (7th)

Kickoff Coverage—UA—18.8 yds/return (33 touchbacks, 1st), UW—20.8 yds/return (13 touchbacks, 9th)

Field Goals—UA—62.5% (5-8, 9th), UW—71.4% (10-14, 5th)

Turnover Margin

UA—minus .44 per game (7th), UW—minus .78 per game (9th)

Time of Possession

UA—28 minutes 47 seconds per game (8th), UW—27 minutes 48 seconds per game (9th)

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