Class of 2006 Scouting Report: Nic Wise

Wise committed to Arizona so long ago most fans forgot that he hadn't signed with the team yet. When it came down to it, Wise never wavered and now the Wildcat program has another talented point guard to add to the fold

Nic Wise
5-10, 180, PG
Kingwood HS
Kingwood, TX
, #22 PG
Wise is an undersized, pass-first point guard who can score when he needs to. Wise thrives on getting others involved but is not afraid to score when points are needed. He's built more like a fullback than your prototypical point guard.

Wise is a winner. He is 99-11 as a starter in high school and led Kingwood High School to the Texas 5A State Championship. He won MVP honors for the state tournament.

Wise tends to be a big game player. In addition to the high school victories, Wise has guided the Houston Hoops to a number of big AAU tournament titles.

Wise is quick and has one of the fastest handles I have seen. He gets up and down the floor very quickly.

He loves to get teammates involved and has a pretty good feel for the game. He tends to skip the highlight reel passes, but occasionally will let loose a sweet no-look or a behind the back pass to get the crowd on their feet.

He's a bit of a streak shooter, but when he is on he can hurt a team behind the arc. He's decent driving to the rim, using his body to create some separation.

Wise is a hard worker both on and off the court. He never fails to hustle on both ends of the floor and his hard work in practice and the weight room is one of the things people talk about the most.

Wise committed to Arizona as a high school freshman and never really wavered. On a few occasions he mentioned that he had his eye on another school, but never took an official visit to any program other than Arizona. Wise kept his word and you have to like that.

The biggest knock on Wise is his body. Wise is only around 5-10 and has a stockier build than you are used to seeing on a basketball player. He's strong, his work in the weight room is apparent, but not very long. He's done a very nice job shedding his baby fat over the last year, but may still have some growing and developing to go.

A concern is Wise's ability to get his shot off against bigger opponents at the college level. Most of his scoring at the AAU level came off of open looks or his ability to out-quick opponents. The quickness will be there at the next level, but he will have to find other ways to score.

"There's nobody in the country that can handle the ball like him. It's like watching a yo-yo."
--Hal Pastner, director of the Houston Hoops

2006 ROLE:
This one is hard to pinpoint. A lot depends on what other players on the roster do and how much Wise develops the next year. If both Mustafa Shakur and J.P. Prince return, then Wise's minutes could be limited and a redshirt might even be a possibility. If Shakur goes pro, then Wise will likely step in and battle Prince for the starting point guard role.

Think Khalid El Amin mixed with Jason Gardner. Like those two he is a solid, thick guard who has good strength. He doesn't have the weight issues that El Amin does, but his game is quite similar. He has a good floor sense and has a knack for winning like those two.


"My strengths are getting my teammates open, finding the open man, knocking down jumpshots, basically whatever we have to do."

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