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Indy Ebi will make his official UA campus visit this weekend along with two other high profile players. Brian Butch came to Tucson last weekend and David Padgett the weekend before. All might be favoring the Wildcats, but how many players can the Cats take and who is Priority "Numero Uno?"

Lute Olson drove David Padgett to the airport as he left Tucson after making his official Campus visit April 14. Brian Butch received the same royal treatment last weekend. However, when each player came to Tucson, they were here without the distraction of other players.

This weekend, three players come to the UA campus. Who will get pampered and who won't?

Ndudi "Indy" Ebi, a 6-9 combo-forward from Houston (Westbury Christian), Tex., will arrive Friday. Ekene Ibekwe, a 6-9 power forward from Carson (HS), Calif., was originally scheduled to come in with Butch but had to postpone his visit in order to play in the Kingwood Classic held last weekend in Houston. He'll arrive Saturday aftrernoon after taking the SAT. Harrison Schaen, a 6-9 power forward from Santa Ana (Mater Dei), Calif., will arrive Sunday.

If the Wildcat coaching is intent on giving any of these players the "Royal Treatment," the timing couldn't be better. With the staggered arrival of each player, the Lute Olson will have ample opportunity to give each some individual attention.

That DOES NOT mean the staff hasn't established a pecking order. They have.

Ebi is definitely No. 1. Ebi's game probably most resembles Shareef Abdur-Rahim, a multi-talented big man who played at Cal only one season before jumping to the NBA.

Ebi is a nightmare to defend. He's extremely quick, has a variety of post moves and can step out to the perimeter where he has the ball handling skills of a three man and he can shoot the jumper out to three-point range. In other words, there just isn't much Ebi can't do.

Ibekwe is more of a prototypical four man. He's a very good athlete who can play in the paint where he has some good but not spectacular moves or  he can play facing the basket and hit the jumper. He runs the floor very well, but he's not near as quick as Ebi and needs to be a little more aggressive.

Schaen is a lot like Ibekwe and the Wildcats have been recruiting him since he was a freshman. But having watching Schaen's progression during that time, I'd have to say he has not progressed as much during the last year as he did the two previous seasons. He has good post moves, but not great. He can handle the ball well for a big man, but his jump shot needs some work.

You can probably read into the point I'm about to make, but here it is anyhow.

Ebi is definitely Arizona's first priority, Ibekwe second and Schaen is going to have to have a great summer before he's offered.

Tomorrow, I'll give you the lastest news on point guards being recruited by the UA.

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