Uncle: 'We'll have to wait until Wednesday'

Rumors have been flying as to the exact nature of what will happen in the Wildcats' pursuit of Lance Thomas if he chooses to wait until the spring to sign. His uncle Monty Montgomery goes on the record with what the program has told Thomas and his family.

Montgomery said that the Wildcat staff informed Thomas that they would not continue to recruit him if he waited until the spring to sign.

"They told him he has until Wednesday to sign," Montgomery said. "Lance is good with that. He understands that it is a business and that business is business."

That does not mean the Wildcats are going to pull the offer. He explained that the UA coaches felt that they had presented Thomas with all of the information that he needed to make a decision and that they would not actively pursue him. He made it sound as if the Cats would continue to keep in contact with the 6-9 combo forward but they would not be flying out to New Jersey to watch him play or make any more sales pitches.

Montgomery did not rule out that Thomas might sign with the Wildcats on Wednesday but he feels that his nephew will wait until the spring so he can properly sort out all of the information he has gathered over the past few weekends. He has made three visits in the last three weekends and is still reeling a bit.

"Coming fresh off a visit is not the time to make up your mind." Montgomery said. "He'll decide when he's ready."

According to his uncle, Thomas is still processing all of the things he saw and did on his visits. He feels that trying to make a decision three days after getting back home from a visit may lead to a rash and possibly bad decision.

Other than the Wildcats, all of the other teams on his list seem to be fine with waiting. All of the schools, Arizona included, are done with the 2006 recruiting class and Montgomery was a bit puzzled with why a team would not be patient. He did say that the family did not resent the Wildcats wanting the early commitment and would still consider the Wildcats if they decide to remain in the hunt.

"Lance loved his visit. He has great respect for Lute Olson and Arizona is a great program. There are no hard feelings. They have to do what they have to do and so do we."

One reason why Thomas is waiting is that he and the family want to watch the teams over the course of the season to see what happens with the programs and to make sure all of the things the various coaches promised or hyped come true. They also want to see how the landscapes of the programs change between now and April.

"A lot can happen in a year," Montgomery noted.

One concern about the Wildcats is that they signed three players and that they only have three scholarships currently available for the 2006 season. The odds are that the Cats will have at least one more ride following the season, but there are no guarantees.

One thing that is certain is that Thomas is only weighing his college options. He is not looking at prep school or playing overseas for a year until he is eligible for the NBA draft.

"Lance is going to college," assured Montgomery.

In this day and age of early commitments, Thomas is a rarity. He and Texas' Darrell Arthur are the only players in the top-25 to have not signed with a school. While some have criticized Thomas for waiting, Montgomery is certain that Thomas is doing what he feels is best.

As of now it looks like Lance Thomas will probably not be a Wildcat. Despite interest from both parties, the Wildcats don't want to wait and the family does not to rush.

The chance he'll sign early are slim at best, but it is not an impossibility.

"We'll have to wait until Wednesday I guess," Montgomery said.

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