Cat Tracks Summer Line Up

For many summer is a time when only movies continue to provide fresh entertainment. Television goes on hiatus. College sports are over as the schools are out for three months. Once the NBA finals are over, there are only the dog days of baseball to fill the televised sports void. While many feel that there is nothing to look forward to, Cat Tracks hopes to liven things up with the new "Summer Line-up".


Cat Tracks will continue to provide great recruiting information, including coverage of both football and basketball recruiting camps, as well as following the Wildcats teams as they battle for national championships. For those who aren't recruiting junkies, the Cat Tracks staff will provide seven reasons for premium subscribers to check out the site every day.

MONDAY: Will feature a new column by theThrill22. More often than not Thrill'll be taking a good hard look at the world of basketball. Thrill will mix his insightful analysis with his lighthearted writing style to bring you the great analysis that you have come to expect.

TUESDAY: Schu Strings. Cat Tracks' veteran editor continues to give us his unique views on the world of UA sports. Schu has been covering UA sports for over a decade and provides some of the most unique views on the Wildcats anywhere. Sometimes serious, oftentimes irreverent, Schu String promises to always be interesting.

WEDNESDAY: Notes from Wonderland. Cat Tracks' editor Brad Allis steps up to the plate every Wednesday to provide his own unique look at the world of sports and pop culture. Whether it is the Wildcats, pro sports or the world of movies and music, Brad has an opinion. It may not be your opinion, but it is an opinion.

THURSDAY: The List. How do things rank in the world of sports? Cat Tracks tries to sort things out. The list can be anything from the winningest point guards in Pac-10 history to the best sports movies of all time.


FRIDAY: The Friday free for all means unpredictability is the rule. A variety of things can fill this space. Guest columns, the Thrill's famous "Day In the Life", "Letters from the Edge" and more. The only rules are there are no rules.

SATURDAY: More craziness ensues as we feature "What If?" every Saturday. "What If?" is a chance for us to look at what never was. What would have happened if the 1988 Cats faced the '97 team? What would have happened if Gilbert Arenas, Richard Jefferson and Michael Wright had stayed in school? What would happen if Cat Tracks sat down with Dick Vitale?

What If


 sample strip

The Sunday Comics. Who doesn't like to read the comics on Sunday? Well Cat Tracks will provide one more. Brad Allis resurrects his comic strip that ran in the Daily Wildcat from 1994-96. The strip will be fine-tuned for the sports fans in all of us.

If you are not a premium subscriber, here are seven more reasons to consider taking the plunge.

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