Game Log: Arizona sloppy over Kansas

It was ugly, but the Cats got the win. They shot just 28% but forced 27 turnovers and beat a young Kansas team that should be much better a few months from now.

20:00 in the first
Things you may be curious about. The Cats are wearing the road reds and Isaiah Fox is the starter at center. I guess he beat out Bret Brielmaier.

19:28 in the first
The Cats have hit two outside shots and forced a turnover on the press. So far, so good for the new system.

17:40 in the first
Kansas finally gets on the board. TV announcers feel that they may have gotten away with a travel.

16:10 in the first
Perfect pass from Shakur to Fox but Fox is stuffed going for the reverse lay-in. Kansas' C.J. Giles comes back and has the ball slip away when he attempts the dunk and he bricks it badly.

14:20 in the first
Walters stuffs Sasha Kaun, but the big man grabs the loose ball had stuffs it home.

13:52 in the first
Kirk Walters with a great post move. A little shake and bake and then a hook shot over Kaun. Who knew he had it in him?

13:41 in the first
Marcus Williams gets his first collegiate bucket. He gets the steal at midcourt and is hammered on the lay-in but a Kansas player tips the ball in.

Wait, no he doesn't. They credit it to Prince.

13:10 in the first
J.P. Prince missed two shots badly. Not quite the start Williams has had.

12:56 in the first
Williams with the "kiss" off the glass from 16. That is indeed his first college bucket and Bill Rafferty loves it.

11:46 in the first
Cats commit their first turnover a few moments ago, the Jayhawks have nine.

8:21 in the first
Kansas goes on a 6-0 run, but they just got called for stepping on the baseline on an inbounds play and Shakur makes them pay by nailing a long two on the ensuing possession.

7:15 in the first
Mohamed Tangara gets a rare offensive score not from an offensive rebound. He bowls over a Kansas player and scores on an ugly hook shot.

6:19 in the first
The Cats have gone absolutely cold. Kansas is on a 12-6 run and have made this one a game. They are rushing shots and just not moving without the ball.

2:35 in the first
The Cats have let the Jayhawks climb right back in this one. Shakur over dribbles, Robinson gets the steal and he finds a wide open Julian Wright for a break away slam.

0:0 in the first
Daniel Dillon's 40-footer does not count because he shot it after the buzzer, but he did get the steal and put up a desperation shot that banked in.

18:27 in the second
Let's start this over. The Cats are now only up one after leading by 16 at one point.

17:07 in the second
Just horrible shot selection by the Wildcats. They are not passing, rushing shots and not even set when they are shooting.

Kansas with another young mistake. After an Arizona turnover, the Jayhawk inbounder runs the baseline, a violation.

15:40 in the second
Cats have hit just three of their last 16 shots. Luckily the Jayhawks aren't shooting much better.

12:41 in the second
Walters just drained a 17-footer. He may be the top shooter tonight. In fact he has ten points on the night. He shouldn't be the big shooter for this team.

11:28 in the second
Chalmers ties the game, but the Big K-Dub answers. 12 points and five rebound for the much maligned big man.

10:11 in the second
Marcus Williams is now 0-5 from the stripe. The Cats can't shoot from the field or the stripe.

7:13 in the second
The Jayhawks are in huge foul trouble and CRo has come alive. Back-to-back steals have led to four quick points. First he stole the ball and then set the pick that freed Adams on the break. After that he gets the steal at midcourt and goes for the breakaway jam. He struggles to stuff it home, but there are no style points in a real game.

5:30 in the second
Announcers just compared Bret Brielmaier to Tom Tolbert. Sadly, they did not mean his game but his closely shaved head.

5:07 in the second
Kansas zones, so Chris Rodgers drains a 25-footer. Nice zone buster. Think he was watching Salim last year?

3:25 in the second
Kansas is having all sorts of trouble with the inbounds play. Two violations and now a timeout to avoid the five-second call.

1:00 in the second
If the Cats could have hit a free throw this one would have been over three or four minutes ago. As it stands the Cats seem like they will escape with a decent win, especially considering how poorly they played.

0:00 in the second
Cats shoot 28% but win 61-49 thanks in large part to 27 Kansas turnovers.

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