Reece has a slight leader

Arizona and South Carolina are in the lead for Plugerville, Texas wide receiver Terrell Reese (6-4, 192, 4.65). Also, in the mix are Nebraska, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech. All favorites have offered.

"I guess you could say Arizona has a slight lead over South Carolina," explained Reese, of Hendrickson High School. "Arizona's quarterback is really nice. He's really good, and he's just a freshman. I can go in and play right away.

"They need a big presence at receiver. I toured the campus a couple of times as a member of an AAU basketball team and was there for an official, and it's a nice place, a nice campus," he added.

He visited already Arizona officially on Oct. 22. He plans to visit his No. 2 choice, South Carolina, in early January.

"They (South Carolina) live to win," he expressed. "Their coach is a legend. He was at Florida for a good while, and a lot of his football players were sent to the NFL. To me that's really important."

Nebraska was his first official visit this season on Sept. 30.

"It's the same there (Nebraska) as a lot of the programs I am looking at. They are trying to get back to the prestige they used to have, and are looking for good athletes like me to help them get there. Now that they've gone to the West Coast offense, they throw the ball a lot. I like that.

"Oklahoma State has a young team and they have changed everything around there. It wouldn't be hard for me to go in there and be a part of things right away," Reese said.

He mentioned that Texas Tech will likely get an official visit from him as well. They are the closest to home of his choices -- approximately one-and-a-half to two hours away -- but that isn't a determinant for him.

"I like Texas Tech because they throw the ball. They always have a good quarterback," he said.

He added, "I was once interested in Oklahoma, but they lost a lot of their offensive line, so it looks like they are not going to have any place for any skilled guys."

When all is said and done, Reese said his criteria for choosing a school will be, "A school where I can go live and feel comfortable for four years. I want to play my freshman year; a place where their academics can bring me to the next level, and where athletically I can be brought to the next level as well."

Reese reports that his grade-point-average this year is somewhere in the 2.8 to 3.0 range, and thought that he would be receiving his SAT scores this past weekend (Nov. 26), but they still were not posted on-line. "I would think I would be getting those real soon," he said.

Hendrickson High School finished their season with a 7-4 record. Reese did not know his end-of-season stats.

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