Top JUCO Prospect Meets With UA Coaches

Four star JUCO defensive back Nate Ness, along with his grandmother, recently met with UA coaches Mike Tuiasosopo and Mark Stoops. He will be visiting Arizona officially this Friday, and if all goes well, there is a chance Ness will be a Wildcat very soon.

Nate Ness, a student at El Camino College, is being looked at very seriously by the UA coaching staff. Ness will be graduating in December, and will then move on to a D-1 program. Right now it is between two schools.

"With Darnell (Bing) being my cousin I would love to play with him so USC is right there with Arizona," said Ness.

Arizona looks to have the advantage at this point in time, especially after he and his grandmother met with Defensive Line Coach Tuiasosopo and Defensive Coordinator Mark Stoops.

"Coach Tui and Coach (Mark) Stoops came to my house and it went great," Ness said. "They talked with me and my grandma and they told her about the opportunity at Arizona. They talked to her about the academics and obviously the football stuff."

Ness is very impressed with the coaching staff and is enamored with the prospect of playing under the Stoops family.

"Coach Tui and Coach Stoops are real straight guys and they are intense and I really like them a lot," Ness added. "It doesn't get any better than the Stoops brothers if you are a defensive back. I did my research and they are like the best around at coaching DBs."

Ness clearly loves the coaching staff, and he will soon get his chance to see the UA up close once and for all.

"I am going to Arizona this Friday and I am really looking forward to it," said Ness. "It is my first time leaving California and I know I am going to have fun."

Ness is also anticipating an honest look at Tucson as a friend of his will be showing him the ropes this upcoming weekend.

"Coach Tui said that I am going to be hosted by Adrian (McCovy) and he is my boy so I know he will show me what's up there," Ness explained.

While USC is in the mix, Ness has not hesitated to express his true love for Arizona, and even made some predictions about the visit and the days following it.

"USC and Arizona are at the top for me and if this weekend goes like I think it will then there is a great big chance that I leave Arizona a Wildcat," adds Ness. "I would say that I will most likely be a Wildcat at this time next week. I want to be a part of the Wildcat program. It is on its way up and starting next year it is going be awesome."

Arizona is looking to land yet another big time recruit in Ness, and with his four star ranking and junior college experience, he could make an instant impact.

Landing Ness would be huge for the program as they are losing senior safeties Lamon Means and Darrell Brooks.

The Cats appear to be in the driver's seat, but with the family connection at USC, things are not yet set in stone.

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