Game Log: Arizona falls to Houston

It is the Wildcats' worst start since Lute Olson's first season. The Cats climbed out of now one, but two large holes but were not able to come all the way back.

20:00 in the first
Daniel Dillon and Marcus Williams get the start after Chris Rodgers and Hassan Adams were late to a team meal.

19:22 in the first
Houston leads 2-1 and already the Cougar fans are chanting "overrated". Although I hate that chant, it is especially inane less than a minute into the game.

17:48 in the first
Three Cougars trap Kirk Walters and not a single Wildcat comes over to help. That's not smart basketball.

15:15 in the first
Not a good start. Cats have six turnovers and just one point. You read that right, ONE point over 5:00 in. Cats still have not gone to Rodgers or Adams. Instead Fox and Prince have come in.

12:49 in the first
The announcers just said that Houston was on an 11-2 run. Considering the score is 13-4, it is safe to say that they are on a 13-4 run.

12:12 in the first
Houston is really getting the home court bounces. For at least the third time this game a Cougar shot has bounced high off the rim and somehow found its way into the bottom of the basket.

11:13 in the first
Adams is in now. Rodgers is not.

10:11 in the first
Now Rodgers is in. Guess they'll go out and buy watches to avoid being late.

9:11 in the first
Now the "overrated" chant begins again. With Houston leading 20-4 it is a little more realistic.

9:08 in the first
Wow, Cats made both free throws. I mean two in a row. That has been all too rare this year.

7:51 in the first
Cats were 1-17 to start the game from the field goal. After a made field goal, Adams gets a steal and a lay-in and the Cats are only down 24-9.

2:06 in the first
The Cats are on a 16-3 run and the "overrated" chants have gone away and a faint "U of A" chant has begun.

0:28 in the first
Adams with a jam put back and the Cats are down by just two. It is now an 18-3 run sparked by Adams and Rodgers' return to the game.

16:01 in the second
The Cats had multiple opportunities to tie or take the lead but Houston rattled off five straight including a long three. Dillon answered with a rare three of his own and the Cats are back within three.

13:21 in the second
The refs have lost control. First the Cats hammer the Houston shooter on a three, only no call. Then they realize the mistake and call a ticky-tack call on Shakur to even things up. To wind it up they go with a no-call on a play where Shakur is bumped repeatedly on a double team and winds up sliding across the floor.

12:08 in the second
Hassan Adams has four fouls. The Cats looked lost without him and will now need to play a long time without him…wait, Olson keeps Hassan on the floor. That is a risky move to say the least.

11:45 in the second
17-7 run for Houston to start the second half.

8:43 in the second
This one was supposed to be a high scoring affair. Both teams are getting up and down the floor, but have combined to score just 89 points so far. It does not help that the Cats are shooting poorly again.

8:05 in the second
Chris Rodgers is supposed to be the defensive stopper, but Oliver Lafayette is eating him up. Despite being an inch shorter, the pesky Cougar shooter is getting good looks at the basket.

4:57 in the second
What makes this one so frustrating for Wildcat fans is the fact that this is a Houston team that lost by Virginia Commonwealth by a point. You read that right, VIRGINAI COMMONWEALTH! Not Virginia (who Arizona crushed), not Richmond but Virginia Commonwealth. I know Jeff Caple can coach, but a Conference USA team should not lose to VCU. And a team that lost to VCU should not be beating Arizona by double figures.

3:33 in the second
Prince misses a free throw, but gets the rebound and finds Adams alone for a three pointer. The Cats are now within eight.

3:03 in the second
A long Radenovic three puts the Cats within two possessions. Down only six, despite playing poorly.

2:30 in the second
Houston with a huge three. The Cougars hit a three with two defenders in his face.

1:41 in the second
Game over. Cats give up the ball twice in a row and the Cougars with two easy dunks. Arizona down 12.

1:26 in the second
Wait, Cats may not be done. The Wildcats hit two free throws, then a steal and a dunk and the 12 point lead is down to eight. Still an uphill battle, but at least they are fighting.

0:00 in the second
Cats get it down to three but no closer. Lafayette nails a free throw, misses the second then gets the offensive rebound and runs off a few more seconds before returning to the foul line.

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