Ness talks about commitment to Cats

Last night Cat Tracks broke yet another commitment for the Arizona Football program as we reported the commitment of El Camino College All-American safety Nate Ness. Ness returned home to California earlier this afternoon and he called Cat Tracks to talk about his commitment to the Wildcat program.

Cat Tracks and Ness hooked up and spoke as the defensive back was in his car on his way home from the airport.

"I committed to coach (Mike) Stoops over dinner last night," said the 1st Team JC-Gridwire All-American. "He was excited and all of the coaches were really excited. They have one hell of a program starting and I want to be a part of it."

Ness was hosted by a few different players while he was in Tucson and he apparently clicked with all of his hosts.

"I was hosted by Michael Johnson and Wilrey (Fontenot)," said Ness. "They are both really good guys. Right from the start it felt like I had known them my whole life. We hung around with my boy Adrian (McCovy) and Ronnie Palmer and (Michael) Klyce and Dominic Patrick. We are all on the same page already and that is what you need to have to be successful."

While in town Ness was shown the usual sites and was also apparently fed really well.

"Oh man, I ate way too much," he said laughing. "We ate Mexican and Italian and chicken, man it was great. There is a ton of great places to eat in Tucson. I had this enchilada, oh man is was great."

Before making the trek to Tucson, Ness was pretty sure that he wanted to play for the new Arizona program being built by Mike Stoops. He had an in home visit with Mark Stoops last week and was blown away by the UA defensive coordinator but he says that Mike Stoops was equally, if not more impressive.

"Coach (Mike) Stoops is amazing," he said. "I knew Mark was real intense and was a great coach and he is really is, but Mike is just amazing. They are both so good at what they do and they are very passionate guys. I can't wait to play for them both."

While coaching played a big part in his decision it was something a little more meaningful that let him know that Arizona really was the place for him.

"The whole thing, the whole program is very family oriented," he said. "It is a great family atmosphere and I want to be a part of that. I clicked with everyone from the moment I got off the plane. From Coach Tui to Coach Stoops and all of the players, I just clicked with all of them. It is a huge family and I am a Wildcat."

Ness could not wait until he arrives on campus in May to start sporting his Arizona gear. While in town he bought his own Wildcat gear so he could wear it home in California.

"I couldn't wait really," said Ness with a laugh. "I bought me a sweatshirt and a skullcap to wear under my helmet when I was there. I am wearing them both as I am driving right now actually."

Ness was being recruited for Arizona by defensive tackles coach Mike Tuiasosopo and it was as much ‘Tui' as anything that Nate is now a Wildcat.

"Coach Tui is just an awesome guy man," said Ness. "He was great though the whole recruiting process and he is just a fun guy to talk to. He recruited me hard and he always is straight up with me. With some coaches you can tell that they are just telling you crap you want to hear but not Tui, he is just straight and tells you like it is. I respect him a lot for always being straight with me."

In two years at El Camino, Ness picked off 19 passes and returned eight of those for touchdowns. Those numbers could have been better if not for penalties according to Ness.

"I actually took 13 of them back for touchdowns but five of them were called back," he said. "They were called back for things like blocks in the back and stuff. That is just my teammates being good teammates you know."

Ness is the 12th public commitment for the Arizona Wildcats for the 2006 signing class. He will graduate in May and move to Tucson immediately.

"I got to get there as quick as I can to learn the system and everything," he said. "I may take a day or two after I graduate but that is it. I will get to Tucson quick and start doing my thing."

Ness will have three years to play two for Arizona.

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