Olson on the offense

The Cats are just 2-3, but it looks like better days are ahead. The Cats are tweaking the offense in hopes of turning things around.

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Opening Statement:

Lute Olson: "I really feel at this point we are ready to get everything put together. Defensively we have been pretty solid all along. Offensively we need to shoot a whole lot better, but I think that is about to happen to."

"It is going to be great to have four of the next five games at home so we can get into a rhythm and momentum going before we get into the start of league play on the road."

On the offense: Olson: "We are tweaking a number of things. The next five games for us will be very important as far as momentum. We will be doing some new things, some old things."

"We are going to make sure we are doing the best things for us as a team It has been a constant tweaking."

"The problem has been the shooting. I look back at the Houston tape, it was not us not having shots. We had wide open threes. We didn't' knock them down."

"The problem has not been getting shots the problem has been making shots. I don't' care what you are ding offensively, if people are not making shots then it is always going to look like you have problems. If the ball goes in the offense looks good, if it doesn't go in then there is a problem with the offense."

It is still motion but now it is whether we have somebody else involved in the inside or not. The four-out has increased our ability to move. We are moving better without the ball. It is still motion, it is just a matter if you have three guys outside or four guys outside."

On the difficulty of the schedule:

Olson: "I think our non conference road to this point has accomplished what we wanted. We knew it was going to be tough. It has been a learning experience for us. We have a much better idea about what our team is and who we can count on."

"I feel good about were we are at and what we can accomplish." Other people might be concerned about the loss. I am not concerned about the loss."

On Channing Frye's NBA Success:

Olson: "When I was talking to NBA people when they were calling. I said, the question will always come up that he has a reputation for being soft. I said, soft, that means he has never backed down from anybody in four years, he has never missed one practice in four years, or one game in four years. Is soft being a guy who does not go around chirping at people and throwing cheap shots. Channing has never been soft. I am happy to see maybe even the New Yorkers think he is not soft."

"I am really happy for Channing. I would assume the marketing opportunities in New York right now are filling boxes for. How can you get a better person for marketing than a guy who speaks well, a handsome young man and plays with energy all the time. I am thrilled for him, but I am not surprised."

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