Notes From Wonderland: It's tough being Jason

It must be tough being Jason Williams. It must be very difficult to be projected as a top-two NBA draft pick and be afraid that everyone will confuse you with an out-of-control player in Memphis or a former power forward up on charges of manslaughter.

In case you haven't heard, the Duke point guard has announced that from know on he'd like to be known as "Jay Williams" as to avoid confusion with some unsavory characters associated with the NBA. Never mind that with the Duke hype-machine in full effect the pair are now known as the "other Jason Williamses".

To be fair, we should look at it from Jason, er I mean Jay's point of view. It's tough to be Jay Williams. It's tough having Dick Vitale and all of the other college basketball pundits touting you as the "next best thing". It's tough being voted the national player of the year, despite not being the best player in your own conference and not being able to hit a clutch free throw. It's tough having just one championship ring even though you got that one despite committing nine personal fouls and using Jason Gardner as a hammock.

Why would you want to be associated with the other Jasons? Never mind that after being shipped off to Memphis no one remembers the other point guard Jason Williams. Never mind that most know him as "White Chocolate". Why would Jay Williams want to be associated with a player that is so out of control that he had to be benched late in games. A player who acts like such a punk that the Sacramento media celebrated when he was traded. There is no way Jay wants to be associated with a player who was booted out of Florida, has had trouble with drugs and used racist language with an Asian-American fan.

Forget for a moment that the other Jason Williams actually spells his name J-a-Y-s-o-n. No one as good and solid as Jay wants to be confused with a guy who accidentally shot his limo driver and then tried to cover it up.

If he gives it a year or two he can revert back to his old name. One Jason will be out of the league and the other will be doing time. As soon as NBA executive realize that Jason I's no-look passes and flashy play won't help win a title, he'll be regulated to playing for the USBL's Adirondack Wildcats and he can have his name back.

What I can't figure out is how there are so many Jason Williamses in the NBA. In the Tucson phonebook there isn't a single Jason Williams and there is just one Jay Williams.

I guess when your biggest problem is how people perceive your name your life is pretty good. Jay has will have a degree from Duke, a few million dollars after draft day and a career that most Americans would love to have. If he wants to throw a few of those dollars my way, I'll call him anything he wants.

Random Thoughts

How no Pac-10 got to host a Softball regional is beyond me. All UCLA did was win the Pac-10, maintain the No. 1 ranking and beat Arizona twice. For that they get shipped to South Carolina. The Pac-10 has five teams that could win the national title and not a single one gets to play at home.

Andy Lopez has done a phenomenal job this season. The Cats are 10 games over .500 and are still in contention for post season play, despite having no speed, no power and very few big time hitters. What can he do if he has his own recruits here? College baseball is a game where you can rebuild quickly, so watch out?

Speaking of Lopez. He denies any interest in the UCLA job despite the fact that a childhood friend is the new AD. Lopez has always been a man of his word, so if he says he wants to stay, then I believe him.

If the Sacramento Kings can get past the LA Lakers and win the NBA championship then he will be the first Wildcat to win the NCAA and NBA Championship.

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