Cat Tracks Bowl Game Guide

Bowl season started on Tuesday night with a lackluster New Orleans Bowl. Mississippi State beat Arkansas STATE 31-19. Sure, we all know there are too many bowl games, but we also love football. There are a lot of bowl games, here is a guide to some of those games that you may want to tune into.

The Fish Out Of Water Bowl
BYU plays Cal in the Las Vegas Bowl. I am sure those Cougar fans are making the most of their Las Vegas experience. Think the chamber of commerce is happy about it?

At Least There Will Be Fans Bowl
The first ever Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego features Colorado State and Navy. With all of the Navy personnel in San Diego, you can bet the Midshipmen will have fans and Colorado State travels well, especially to sunny SoCal in the winter.

Will They Play Basketball Too? Bowl
Kansas and Houston square off in Ft. Worth. Too bad they have better basketball traditions than football.

What Did We Do Wrong Bowl?
Boston College goes 8-3, gets shipped off to Idaho in December and has to face Boise State on their home field. As for the Broncos? They don't get to go anywhere for the holidays.

How The Mighty Have Fallen Bowl
Michigan/Nebraska was a much better game a decade again. This time around they are a pair of seven win football teams.

Who Needs the BCS Bowl?
Oregon goes 10-1, gets snubbed by the BCS and takes on a seven-win Oklahoma team on December 29th. The Ducks can't even play in a Jan. 2 Bowl because of the Pac-10's bowl contracts.

One Person On Each Sideline Bowl
There is not much to see in the Independence Bowl. The only reason to tune in is watching Missouri QB Brad Smith and South Carolina coach Steve Spurier.

Best Non-BCS Bowl
Miami (9-2) faces LSU (10-2) in the Peach Bowl. Both were in the top-5 as recently as a month ago.

Contrasting Styles Bowl
It's the offensive attack of Texas Tech vs. the tough defense of Alabama. The team that can dictate their style will prevail.

The Disappointment Bowl
Both Iowa and Florida were thought to be national championship contenders before the season started. Instead they'll meet in the Outback Bowl.

Something To Prove Bowl
Louisville wants to be seen as a top program. They'll get their chance against a very good Virginia Tech team. They'll have to do it without QB Brian Brohm.

You Know You'll Be Watching Bowl
Say what you want about Notre Dame and Ohio State getting into the BCS, we'll all be watching this game. To make things more interesting, Buckeye LB A.J. Hawk is dating Brady Quinn's sister.

Legend's Bowl
Bobby Bowden vs. Joe Paterno. Nuff said!

The Best Bowl
USC vs. Texas. No. 1 vs. No. 2. The BCS worked this year, despite themselves.

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