Lute Olson press conference quotes

The Pac-10 season opens on Thursday, and despite an up and down non-conference season, the Wildcats are the defending regular season champions. Lute Olson spoke to the media on Tuesday to discuss Washington State, the conference and his team.

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On Washington State:
Lute Olson: "They have played really well ever since Dick Bennett has gotten there. It is a case now where a number of guys have been involved in a number of years and understand the system and understand the fact they need to do the things that coach wants them to do to be successful."

On the play of the Pac-10 in the non-conference season:
Olson: "I think all of us have been disappointed in a lot of ways in terms of how teams have played in some cases, and in other cases the SC win over North Carolina had to help our conference….

"We (Arizona) have not played patsies in terms of the three losses. UConn was rated second and that was pretty much down to the wire. And we are doing this without Jawann McClellan, who is one of our best players. We lost to Michigan State in overtime when they were rated No. 5. The one that probably surprised people, but I don't' think they would if they go down and watch Houston play in Houston, they are a very good team on their home court We had to discipline two seniors, but the time we got down to the game we were down 20-4. Other than that I don't think how good a team St. Mary's is, a team last year which was at-large pick with 23 wins.

"I think right now we are playing much better. It took us awhile to adjust. Lat year we had a great play inside from Channing Frye and tremendous shooting from Salim. I think probably we had some guys who thought they were Salim and they weren't. We are being a lot more selective now on our shots and we are sharing the ball and getting the extra touch. We are learning how to play with one another. Right now we are a pretty good team. We are going to be challenged on the Washington trip.

I think we are getting better as a team each time out."

On how the Cats could fare in the Pac-10:
Olson: "We are the defending champs and I think we are capable of defending the championship. There are some very good teams that we are going to have to beat if we are going to do that. But I don't think there is anybody who has a better chance of winning it than we do."

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