What's going on with Devin Ross?

The big question on Wildcat football fans' minds is ‘what is going on with Devon Ross?' As late as Friday afternoon he was all set to choose between Arizona and Oregon during the Army All-American Game on Saturday. Late Friday night that announcement was uncertain and by the end of the game no team was selected. So what happened? Who's involved? Well, we don't have all the answers, but a variety of sources have helped us piece together an pretty interesting picture.

Rumors are rampant about what is going on with the nation's No. 2 corner back prospect. Some felt he had already given a silent verbal to one of the schools, while both Oregon fans and Arizona fans felt that he was leaning towards their respective team.

What is known is that as of last week he was all set to choose one of the two teams in San Antonio.

He was so sure of a decision that his father flew to San Antonio in large part to be on television when his son made the selection on the NBC broadcast.

Sometime late in the week the younger Ross started to have second thoughts. According to sources close to the recruitment, Ross had made a selection a few weeks back and seemed solid about the choice all throughout the dead period where coaches could not contact recruits.

When he started to waver, is not known or is at least not being revealed.

Here is what we do know. Since the end of the dead period last Monday both Oregon and Arizona kept up their pursuit of Ross. Joining them however, was USC. The national runner up intensified their pursuit of Ross but so far it sounds as if the Trojans have not offered a scholarship.

Publicly Ross is saying the Trojans are out of the picture because of the lack of an offer, but word out of San Antonio was that several of his West teammates who were committing to USC were putting a lot of pressure on Ross to consider the Trojans and that seems to have at least played a part in his delaying the decision. While the Trojans seem to be a dark horse, you just can't count out an elite level program when they make a player a serious target.

Right now the plan is to wait until later this week or sometime next week to make a decision. Publicly Ross is saying he is still weighing between the Ducks and the Wildcats, but some have said that privately he has chosen a school but just wants to take a step back, get away from the craziness of the Army game and dwell on his selection with his family.

For now, the fan bases of three programs are just going to have to sit back and wait, while the coaching staffs of three programs have to try and court an elite player within the confines of the quiet period.

Chris Bonney contributed to this story.

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