Olson discusses McClellan's return

Arizona should be getting a key member of their basketball team back when Jawann McClelllan regains his eligibility this week. Olson discussed the sophomore along with Chris Rodgers and Kirk Walters.

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On Jawann McClellan's return:

Lute Olson: "We expect to have him back. We leave (for Oregon) at 4ish on Wednesday--we expect him to accompany us at that time.

"We expect him to be coming off the bench until he gets game ready. He will give us another experienced player. He has done a tremendous amount of conditioning. He will give us a perimeter shooter and a rebounder. Defensively that will probably be his biggest adjustment.

"When you look at his year in the second half and the NCAA playoffs, he was a key player for us. He is used to game pressure. I don't think thee is any question he will help us."

On his suspending McClellan for a week earlier in the year:

Olson: "I told him until he got things straightened out in teh class room I didn't want to see him on the floor.

"I will be happy to do that with any of them." "He needed to understand if you don't play, he had to get things straightened out. He ended up doing a really good job."

On why McClellan had his academic problems:

Olson: "It happened because of Jawann not because of his dad. It was in his spring semester. He would have had the summer and pre-session to get straightened out what he messed up in the spring. He needs to face the fact that is why he had a problem."

On Chris Rodgers:

Olson: "He is the best on ball defender that we have ever had. Chris' weakness defensively is when he is away from the ball he does not rotate and do the things he needs to do there. He tends to relax a little bit. Part of that is because he puts in so much effort on the ball.

They (Rodgers' hands) are always working. He is bright enough where the hands are coming up instead of coming down on the ball. That is what makes him special. He drives a guy nuts with that. Once in a while he will get a reach in foul, but not very often."

On Kirk Walters:

Olson: "Any time there is a shot taken near the basket area it should be challenged by Kirk. He still wants to block shots instead of deflecting shots. That is the biggest problem with a guy who is a shot blocker. If he is a good defensive post guy he is a shot deflector not a shot blocker. That why when somebody takes a shot instead of slapping the thing out of bounds it is still there ball. What have you accomplished? They get to run their out of bounds play."

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