Dana Dimel discusses becoming a Cat

It came as no shock when the Wildcats announced that Dana Dimel was going to be their new tight ends coach. He was one of the first names mentioned when Josh Heupel left and he comes in with a top reputation.

Dimel's ties to Mike Stoops and other Wildcat coaches was a key to his getting the job but no the only reason. Dimel was a successful head coach in his mid-30's and has great ties to the Houston area.

Dimel coached with both Stoops brothers and Joe Robinson. Dimel was also the position coach for offensive line coach Eric Wolford at Kansas State. Like many of the Wildcats staffers, Dimel is originally from Ohio, so that is yet another connection to many on the staff.

"Mark (Stoops) was on my staff at Wyoming and Houston and ‘Wolfy' played line for me at Kansas State and ‘JoeRob' obviously coached with me at Houston so I know most of the guys here already and it is making the transition easier."

Dimel's ties to the staff was an obvious advantage in landing the job and he is thrilled to be working with Mike Stoops again.

"Obviously knowing Mike (Stoops) professionally as I have and watching him develop as a coach is a big reason why I am here," Dimel explained. "He feels that he can get it done here at Arizona and that is why he took the job and that is why I am here, I believe him and trust in what he is doing here. We coached together in Manhattan for I think 5 or 6 years. I think Mike got there in 92 and I left after the 96 season to coach Wyoming so we have a good history together already.

Like most on the staff, Dimel loves the potential of Arizona football. Between the weather, athletic atmosphere and the proximity to both Texas and California, Dimel feels that the situation is just right in the desert to build a stellar program.

"I believe you can recruit well here and you win big here in the Pac-10 and here at Arizona."

Many remember Dimel's stint at Houston, where he was let go after three losing seasons, despite a five game improvement in the win column his final year. What some fans forget is that he replaced Joe Tiller at Wyoming when he was just 34 years old and amassed a 22-13 record with the Cowboys.

Dimel has great ties to the Houston area and Texas in general. When he was head coach for the Cougars he almost exclusively mined the state for talent.

"One thing that has remained constant is that the local high school coaches are helping us in the recruiting," Dimel said while still at Houston. He still maintains most of those same ties and is expected to be an invaluable asset in recruiting.

Dimel will be the Cats' fourth tight ends coach since Stoops took over. He has met with a few of his players, but has a lot of learning to do.

"I have not gotten to sit down and critique them at all or watch their film but I have met Brad (Wood) and Travis (Bell) so far and so far I like what each one of them bring," Dimel confessed. "I have heard very good things about them and I am looking forward to sitting down and watching film and getting going on everything."

Some may be surprised that a former head coach would not only accept a tight ends coach spot, but be thrilled with the opportunity. Dimel's enthusiasm for Tucson, the Wildcats and the staff is very apparent.

"Professionally, this is a very good place for me to be right now," Dimel said.

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