The Chris Rodgers' E-mail

On Saturday Chris Rodgers finally spoke out. After being dismissed from the Wildcat basketball team earlier in the week, the senior responded with an e-mail that he sent to most of the media outlets in Southern Arizona. Here is that e-mail, in Chris' own words.

My intentions are not to go against the coach, program, or university in anyway.

I'm simply speaking on my behalf regarding my situation here and the misconception that people have towards me about not getting along with my teams or having an attitude.

As far as me bumping heads with the coach and not seeing eye to eye with things, I have never been afraid to stand outside the box, so to speak.

I have courage and I stand up for what I believe in, it's who I've always been as a person. It's not that I'm not coach-able or have an attitude; I think that's a big misconception about me.

I've have never had that ‘true' support from this program in regards to my basketball career and my performance for the team since I've been at the UA. That's why it has been difficult here.

I feel that I have been good enough to play and have an impact on the game and I think it shows when I've been given that opportunity.

I have to standup for myself because no one else will stand up for you!

For the record, I am a good team-mate. I have good relationship with my teammates; I support them, the coaching staff, and my teammates support me.

I truly believe that certain things in life define who you are as a person and I'm not afraid to risk my life, career, or future to stand up for what is right and just.

At the end of the day you have to be able to, and I can, look in the mirror and be happy with myself.

I try to live life as an extension of God as best as I can.

We all make mistakes and I am far from perfect.

This is in relation to my experience and the reason why I haven't seen eye to eye and have been out spoken at times but only when I have been in defense of myself and the truth. I truly believe that the truth shall set you free.

Everyone has their own personality and should not be penalized but embraced.

My personality is strong and, no, I'm not a loner. I do go out and party. I'm just a real laid back chill type of dude, who is extremely focused on being the best that I can be in basketball.

I live in the gym. Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a gym-rat. I'm an extravert and an introvert .

I feel that I should be able to be my own person. When I step on the court for me its all about team and winning and that's all that should matter.

There's a misconception about me in this program. People thinking that I'm selfish. I'm not. If that was the case, why come to UA? Why not go somewhere where I could be the man?

Just because I was the ‘man' at my high school, that shouldn't be used against me in college. I came to UA because I wanted to be apart of a family structured program.

If I'm a selfish player then why did I lead the team with the best assist to turnover ratio last year, and possibly this year.

I play defense like a warrior and it's all a sacrifice for the team to win.

I've never taken 20 shots a game here or wanted to.

I have always wanted to get the recognition that I deserve, because I feel that I've worked my hardest for it and I am good enough and would help the team win.

Who doesn't believe in themselves? There is this misconception about me because I am very competitive. I don't care where I play; at the rec, ymca the old men's league, or a girls league. I take no prisoners!!! I'm trying to win. That killer instinct is within me at all times. That's how the greatest players in the world are, but it can be misinterpreted as being an a-hole which I am not.

I have always been an underdog all my life and I like it that way.

But by not being given the opportunity I feel I deserved since I've been in the program. It has lead to a rocky relationship with the coach and myself.

Here's the deal: If I wasn't any good or didn't think that I could help then I wouldn't standup for myself, but I know that's not the case.

And I think any coach would want a player on their team that would kill for a chance to play the game he loves.

Its' kind of like David and Goliath.

If you have ever seen the movie Braveheart or Gladiator then you will understand exactly how I feel about my situation here.

As a player I guess your always wrong or will be perceive negatively by the media or outside public sometimes even if you're fighting for what is right in your heart.

It's funny to me because I look at other things that happen in college sports like the situation with Marcus Williams at UCONN. He's not even kicked off the team and he did something illegal. I look at my situation and I can't help to laugh... I've never stolen, had bad grades or got into really bad fights with my teammates. Sure I've had lots of little squabbles but who hasn't when your in a competitive environment. At the same time what doesn't kill you will only make you a stronger man. So I stay optimistic about adversity that occurs in my life. Someday, my name will be lost and people will forget that I played at UA but if there's one thing I want the world to know out there about Chris Rodgers is that he has courage and that he is not afraid to standup for what he believes that is true in his heart!

The true shall set u free,

Chris Rodgers

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