Cat Tracks: A New Era

The world has entered a new era in terms of sports coverage. With the Internet, cable television and 24-hour sports radio, fans no longer have to wait for sports scores. Cat Tracks has met this challenge and the "New Cat Tracks Magazine" is born.

No longer a 24-page,weekly newsprint tabloid, Cat Tracks has a whole new look.

The New Cat Tracks is a 32-page, high-quality glossy magazine in the mold of Sports Illustrated. Higher quality and sharper photos means the New Cat Tracks will put you even closer to the action of Wildcat athletics.

The New Cat Tracks not only look better, it IS better. The photos are sharper, the covers more dynamic and the stories more comprehensive. Cat Tracks takes you behind the scenes for a more in-depth view of Wildcat Athletics.

The first issue has already been printed. It features a lengthy profile of the Eddie Lynch Pavilion with first-time photos of this prestigous new facility, a humorous interview with Gilbert Arenas, features on Lovie Jung, Chris Dunn, football and basketball recruiting and Andy Lopez.

Exclusive features! In-depth analysis! No overlap or duplication with the website...some things are just meant to be in print!

The New Cat Tracks Magazine, a high-quality, 32-page glossy, takes you inside UA Sports and even closer to Wildcats Sports.


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