Stoops on the class

The Cats received all of their LOI's by 1:45 and signified the end of the Wildcats' most successful recruiting class. Mike Stoops addressed the media on Wednesday afternoon.

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On addressing their needs in the class:

"There were some needs that needed to be met, no more than the defensive secondary as good as we have been. We have lost a key player in Darrell Brooks. We have no depth at corner. To be able to sign the likes of a Devin Ross, Michael Turner, and Nelson. Cam can play virtually position in a defensive backfield like Michael Johnson. That was probably our biggest need, along with receiver. To get quality players there was a highlight."

On Devin Ross' commitment:

"He showed unbelievable character and toughness that we want to turn down the likes of a Pete Carroll all the way up to the last minute."

"You see the flip flopping going on, to have none of our kids flip flop speaks volumes. It tells you we recruited them the right way. You see turning and people trying to turn kids every year. For our kids to stay true speaks volumes for their character. I don't think you can be a great player without great character."

"We hit virtually every need. We got big bodies along the D-Line which was an area of concern. We got big physical tight ends that can do a lot of different things. This group gives us a lot of flexibility and diversity. These are all very talented players across the board."

On recruiting successes in California:

" We showed great strength in California, more so than a year ago. To sign 13 quality players from the state of California shows we are getting back into California in a very strong way."

On who is the next Mike Thomas:

"I don't think the whole secondary is at worst No. 2, the whole group. We are thin in the secondary, but any one of these guys will (play)."

"This secondary group is special."

On the wideouts:

"One or two of the receivers are going to have to step up. I believe a running back in the likes of a Derke Robinson or Glyndon Bolasky will have to step up and have a great opportunity to play."

On the class as a whole:

"This piece of paper (with the recruits names) could look like a Monet to me. this is as good a looking sheet as you can hope for. It does not get any better."

"There is a lot of anxiety of the unknown with kids changing or people trying to get kids to change their alliances over the last 24 hours. to beat the likes that we beat for these kids tells you the type of kids that we recruited."

On beating out some big time programs for kids:

"We won some battles. I don't know if you could say that three or four years ago. We won our share. We recruited them the right way. if we didn't' we would have lost them down the stretch."

"We brought in 40 guys and we committed 25. That is a ridiculous amount. To hit a percentage like that, you can't do that, anywhere. You can't do that at some places. You might be able to at USC or Oklahoma, but at Arizona we are coming off two straight 3-8 seasons, to hit that high of a percentage is unheard of and still be rated in the top 20. That is what is impressive to me."

There is no such thing as a committed athlete until today. That is the way you have to do it. I tell our guys recruit them like they are not committed. We don't' recruit committed players."

"If a kid is visiting to me than that means he is not committed. That is not a commitment if you are out there looking for a better looking girlfriend. you are obviously not committed."

"Our guys never took a visit. If you take a visit you are not a committed player. If our kids say they are committed and people are badgering them than I have a problem with that. some people say they are not signed. They can't sign. They can's sign early. They are not official until today. That is not the way I like to do things. Every coach has their own style. It just makes you work until the end."

On players flip-flopping:

"I got up about 4:00 this morning. I was nervous of the anticipation of it to make sure you get all the guys you spend a lot of time recruiting." "If I believe somebody stepped over the lines I would let them know. I understand the business a lot better."

On the two Sabino players:

"I like their consistency and the way they play. I think they have tremendous upsides."

"I like Glyndon, the way he plays and his speed and his ability to catch the ball. I think he is a very complete running back. He has to keep getting bigger and stronger, but he is a very complete back. I look for him to be a steady player throughout his whole career here. He is a guy you can really lean on and play. We will see what he brings to the table. He is a guy I am intrigued by watching him run. I think he is faster than a lot of people think."

Glyndon is a true tailback and I believe his best football is in front of him."

"I think Brooks Reed can do a lot of different things. He is very versatile. He can be a fullback, tight end, h-back type of guy, he can possibly play a linebacker position."

On his overall impression:

"I think it was so important we backed up last year's group with another group. That I the thing that really scared me and worried me coming off some of those losses and not being able to recruit really bothered me. I see how close we are in certain areas. We did an awful lot of good things jut not enough to win those games. I believe these players believe they can make a difference in us winning and losing some of those games."

Devin Ross:

"He is one of the best players out there. I think when you look at the likes of him, and recruit a corner that highly rated and go through what he has had to I am excited about him. For people not to recruit him a whole year in your own backyard and come out two weeks and not buy into it says a lot about the kid. That told me a lot about him."

On Derke Robinson:

"Derke wanted to be a running back. Texas felt he was recruiting backs over him or felt they wanted to move him. He wants to be the guy. He is a guy who I think could be the guy. We will see how it all plays out. he will have the opportunity to come in. he is a big physical guy who can run out of the sets we run out of. He is a guy we are going to have to take a strong look at this fall."

On the defensive ends:

"That is as talented a group of defensive ends as you will find anywhere but an USC, Oklahoma Texas,. Those three or four ends are very dynamic. Braylon Broughton is as dymani8c as I have seen on film. It might have been the more impressive highlight tape I have seen form a defensive end. We had Rick Elmore in camp and he was virtually unblockable in camp. D'Aundre Reed is just scratching the surface. He could play linebacker or defensive end. All three are tremendous athletes and long bodies, rangy bodies and long arms and bring a tremendous amount of speed. They will just get bigger and better."

"Bolasky and reed are slam dunks and ill both be tremendous players in our system. I could not be more pleased to have him. Not just because they are from Tucson but because they are great football players."

On the wide receivers:

"We have tremendous slot receivers in Steptoe and Mike. You can't get your hands on them and they are hard to jam and they run the screens well. They can get their hands on the ball in a variety of different ways. Getting some perimeter receivers was big for us."

On DeLaShaun Dean:

"If he had not torn his ACL he is a top 100 player in the country. He is going to be full speed here in the summer and ready to go the first day of practice. He is a big time player and everybody wanted when it came down to it. He could play anywhere in the country."

Earl Mitchell

"I have never seen a guy like that. He bench presses nearly 450 pounds and he is an H-Back, fullback type of guy. He has great athleticism. He is very important."

Tyler Lyon:

"To get a quarterback of that magnitude in here following Willie says a lot about the kid. Tyler will get a year to redshirt and develop to be a quality starter or backup in two years."

On Braylon Broughton:

"I think there is no limit to that guy."

On Jovon Hayes:

"We were looking for a big powerful guy. He fits what we need a physical presence in there and Jovon gives us that." On Cam Nelson:

"Cam is maybe the most underrated guy on the board, him and Braylon Broughton. Braylon rated as low as he did is almost ludicrous. Cam Nelson I love."

On the status of Richard Kovalcheck:

"He is not going to be with us. He may go to MBA school and try to latch on somewhere I have not heard exactly what he wants to do."

On Kris Heavner's return:

"I am happy to have him back in the program. He brings some stability. he has played. He started five games. I like having him there. He knows his role is a backup role and Willie is our guy. Kris is happy to be out there competing. Hopefully things work out and put him on scholarship. Kris has had a hard life."

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