Winning the state

One of the great debates around the state is who did a better job recruiting the in-state players. Fans of both schools like their players and automatically start dismissing the rival's signees. Is there a way to determine a true winner?

In 2005 Arizona looked like the sure winner. The Cats signed the likes of Xavier Smith, Daniel Borg and Terry Longbons, while staying in the Ekom Udofia hunt for some time. However, the Sun Devils got the most production from Keegan Herring, the player many considered the third best running back in the state.

This year the race is even closer. The Devils signed five in-state players, while the Wildcats lured three Arizonans. But who "won" the state?

I tried to figure out a method for determining a winner. A scoring system if you will.

I decided to use the Arizona rankings and assign points based on reverse rankings of the top-10. That is 10 points for first, nine points for second, eight points for third and so on.

For players not ranked in the top-10 in the state I decided to give them just one point. Of course, you also have players that were not offered by the other school. In that case I'll divide their points by half.

The Sun Devils signed five in-state players, two of who were offered by the Wildcats. The best of the bunch is Jermaine Williams. Williams was ranked as the state's top player by Despite some grade issues, Williams had offers from both the Wildcats and the Sun Devils. In a somewhat surprising move, Williams committed to the Devils early in the process, so it is tough to judge how much the Cats would have pursued him, but in all likelihood the program would have liked to add the Army All-American.

The Devils also added Red Mountain's Jon Hargis. The state's sixth rated player turned some heads at the Wildcat big man camp and came out with an offer. There were some rumblings that the offer could have been pulled due to hesitation on Hargis' part, but the fact remains that the big man had a Wildcat offer when he committed to the Devils.

Brantwon Bowser did not have a Wildcat offer when he pledged to the Devils back in June. He may have picked up an offer later in the process if he was available, but we will never know.

The Sun Devils signed two players outside the top-10. Linebacker Gerald Munns was ranked as the state's 16th best player, while running back Kyle Williams failed to crack the top-20, despite being a top-100 nationally rated running back. Arizona failed to offer either player, although they did show some interest in Williams..

ASU's total: 16.5
Jermaine Williams 10 points
Jon Hargis 5 points
Brantwon Bowser .5 points
Munns .5 points
Kyle Williams .5 points


The Cats highest signee was Sabino's Brooks Reed, the third rated player in the state. Reed had written offers from both schools, but he seemed to long favor the Wildcats, so that may have tempered the Sun Devil interest a bit. Still at the time of his commitment, the Devils had an offer on the table.

The Cats also added the fourth rated player in the state, Apache Junction's Cody Anderson. Anderson committed late in the summer and had not secured an ASU offer. There is no way to know if the Devils would have offered had Anderson been on the market, but they did not seem to need a tight end.

A second Sabino product, Glyndon Bolasky, signed with the Wildcats. The state's fifth rated player had offers from both schools, though it seemed as if the Devils cooled on him by the time he settled on the Cats. Bolasky was the Gatorade Player of the Year.

Arizona's total: 17.5
Brooks Reed 8 points
Cody Anderson 3.5 points
Glyndon Bolasky 6 points

Final analysis: Arizona gets the edge by a point, but it is almost meaningless. I am not sure either school would trade classes with the other. ASU got Williams, the Arizona Republic Player of the Year, while the Cats got Bolasky who took the Gatorade honors. Williams is seen as the gem, but Arizona coaches are so high on the potential of Anderson that they would be pleased enough with just him.

In all honestly, this year is a push. Let the battle for 2006 begin.

Arizona 17.5
Arizona State: 16.5
Nevada: 9.5 (John Romero, Dontay Moch)
Oregon State: 2(Keaton Kristick)
Washington State: 1.5 (Marcus Richmond)
Colorado State: 1 (Nick Nuenfeldt, Austin Neilson)
Stanford: .5 (Tyler Porras)
Idaho: .5 (Jon Tobin)
UTEP: .5 (Will Olsolinsky)
Northwestern: .5 (Stefan Demos)

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