Coach's Corner: Olson on Washington schools

The regular season is almost over. Two more games and then it is Tourney time. Lute Olson discussed the two Washington schools and the postseason beyond.

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On the ASU game:

"I thought the first half was probably as well as any of our teams have played here on the defensive end of the court."

On the challenges in playing WSU's slowdown attack:

"Obviously the biggest challenge is to put enough pressure on them that it will be hard or them to use the clock as much as they want to. We will go tot the bench early and often to keep people fresh"

We don't' want the scores in the 30-s and 40- like they had this last weekend." "They are very sound defensively. It is obvious how well coached they are when you watch them play. The play good on the defensive end that will make it tough for you to get good looks. We know hat we are going to face, it is a matter of us influencing the speed of the game, and I'm sure from Dick Bennett's standpoint it is going to be a huge concentration on making sure they don't' get into an up and down game."

On Washington:

"If I eliminate us from the equation I think Washington is playing the best basketball in the conference. They are the quickest team in the conference. With ourselves, they are using the quickness on the defensive end and doing a good job of pressuring the ball and s2itching and rotating and drawing charges. They are a much better team than when we played them on the first road trip. Brandon Roy is playing lights out in all aspects of the game."

On the importance of Hassan Adams:

"It is close to tournament time. It is important that we do well in the final two games. I guess when a young man is a senior and has gone through four years I'm sure there are times in a season where they lose their focus a little bit. I think now with the tournaments coming up and with the close of the Pac-10. I would be surprised if he is not totally focused on everything we are doing. He is going to the board and he is defending. He is being selective in terms of his shots. He is using his ability to take the ball to the basket and is creating opportunities. I think he will be right on everything for the rest of the year."

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