Hassan Adams suspended

Arizona forward Hassan Adams has been suspended for the duration of the Pac-10 Tournament. Adams was cited for a DUI early Sunday morning and will not be allowed to rejoin the team until after the completion of the Conference Tournament.

Officially Adams was suspended for violating unspecified team rules, but the vagueness of the suspension seems is due to privacy laws. During a Monday press gathering Olson read from a prepared statement and refused to comment on specifics.

"Due to FRPA laws I cannot comment beyond (the statement)," Olson explained.

Adams will not only sit out the Pac-10 Tournament but will not be allowed to travel or practice with the team until Sunday. If the Wildcats are selected to the NCAA Tournament he will be allowed to rejoin the team.

Adams did not meet the media but did release a statement.

"I apologize to the team, to the coaches, the university and the fans for my violation of a team rule," Adams wrote. "I accept the coach's decision to be suspended from the Pac-10 Tournament. I wish the team well and hope for its success. I'm looking forward to participating in the NCAA Tournament if Arizona is invited."

Adams was pulled over Sunday morning shortly after midnight for speeding. He was given two breathalyzer tests and exceeded .12 on each occasion. He was cited for a misdemeanor DUI and was released to a passenger in the car.

Olson said that the Wildcats would not prepare for Stanford any differently than they have in the two previous games but that the team would certainly miss Adams.

"It's a huge loss obviously without our leading scorer," Olson noted. "It's been a difficult year, I guess it goes with the territory."

Olson could not speak specifically on the nature of the suspension and would not say if Adams' penalty was standard for this type of in fraction or just how the penalty was decided upon.

"We have team rules," Olson explained. "We have a general set of rules that we follow, that are private to our team and our staff."

Before handing out any penalty, Olson met with athletic director Jim Livengood to discuss the incident. Olson then met privately with the team before addressing the media.

Adams did attend a team function at Olson's house on Saturday, but did not consume alcohol at the event.

"Obviously none of the players had anything other than Gatorade and water," Olson said.

Adams was at McKale arena several hours after the conclusion of the Washington game. Olson said after showering and meeting with the media he spent well over an hour signing autographs. He arrived late to Olson's home for a senior day dinner and all of the guests were gone by 10:00 p.m.

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