Cats talking tourney

The Wildcats will leave today for Philadelphia. They will practice early on and then take a charter for the East Coast. The players were allowed to address the media on Monday.

Junior Point Guard Mustafa Shakur

On returning to his hometown of Philadelphia:
"I am excited. I'm happy to be going home for the first time to play a game. I have always loved playing in front of my hometown friends and family."
More on playing in Philadelphia:
"I actually wasn't watching it (NCAA Selection Show), but then I looked at my cell phone and I had like four voice mails from friends and I knew I was going back home. I'll probably have about 200 tickets for friends and family if I can get them."

Is there any added pressure playing in front of friends and family?
I don't think there is any added pressure. I've always played better in front of my family."

On what the team expects out of Wisconsin:
"I think they play an aggressive style. They are a tough team. We're going to try to get out and run against them."

On the return of senior Hassan Adams:
"It will mean a lot for us. It will be nice to have on of our go-to guys back. We're going to need his athleticism and emotion the rest of the way."

Freshman Forward Marcus Williams

On playing in the NCAA Tournament for the first time:
"I'm excited. It'll be my first time. I'm looking forward to it. I think we have a good chance against Wisconsin even though they are a tough team. I think we have a good bracket to do well in if we play like we know we can."

On Wisconsin's style of play:
"I don't know too much about them. I think they might be a bit like Washington State in our conference since (Former WSU coach Dick Bennett) coached at Wisconsin. I know the game is going to be a lot more physical, probably similar to the UCLA game (last Friday). We're going to have to show what this team is all about. We have a lot of heart. We are starting with a 0-0 record again."

On the return of senior Hassan Adams:
"His 17 points and six rebounds are tough to make up for. It'll be great to have him back. He brings a lot of intensity each game"

On if he feels Arizona is being perceived as an underdog:
"Not really. People might look at us as an underdog since we've gone through a lot this year. Getting Hassan (Adams) back will really help us. He's physical and plays with intensity. We're going to need him to get out and run against them."

Junior Forward Ivan Radenovic

On the NCAA Tournament:
"It's a totally new season for us. Whatever has happened before is in the past. We have to forget about everything. It's a new season; It's do or die."

On the expected physical style of Wisconsin:
"You have to learn how to handle it. You have to be tough. The refs aren't going to call a lot, so you just have to play through it."

On what the team expects out of Wisconsin:
"They are going to try to slow the game down. They try to keep the score in the 60s or 50s. We need to put a lot of pressure on them and try to speed the game up."

Junior Center Kirk Walters

On the return of senior Hassan Adams:
"He's a real vocal guy for us. He's been here for fours and he knows what we have to do. He's a central part of our defense and our offense. It's good to have him back because he brings a lot to the court."

On Wisconsin:
"They come from a tough conference. I know they rebound and defend well. We're really going to have to push the ball and try to get them out of their game."

On the potential of matching up against No. 1 seed Villanova in the Second Round:
"Sooner or later you're going to have to play the tough teams. You might as well play them sooner. We know we have a tough game in the First Round with Wisconsin."

Sophomore Forward Bret Breilmaier

Compare this year's team to the Elite Eight team a year ago:
"We're a lot different team this year. We have different personalities and a different makeup. It will be interesting to see how we match up this year."

On Wisconsin:
"We were joking last night that it's like they have 10 Bret Breilmaier's. They're a tough, smart team. It's going to be a good challenge for us."

On the return of senior Hassan Adams:
"He looked good last night [in practice]. His legs were fresh. It's good to have our leader back. He brings a lot of intensity to the court."

Freshman Forward Fendi Onobun

On playing for the first time in the NCAA Tournament:
"Mustafa (Shakur) and Hassan (Adams) have been here numerous times. They know what it takes in practice and how we have to concentrate. I know I can learn a lot from them this week."

On this week's preparations:
"We need to get the job done. We need to do the best we can. We're practicing hard and I think everyone is on the same page."

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