Schu Strings: Several Wildcat Notes

In an unprecedented move in the annals of Cat history, I have made a request to editor Brad Allis to pull this week's Schu Strings, thus replacing it with the one you see here.

Why? Well for a variety of reasons. But at the top of the list is that it pretty much sucked. Now I don't have much formal training in journalism, but one of the few lessons I remember dates back to my days on the high school newspaper. During my junior year, fresh out of ideas but forced to write a column, I penned some piece of crap about the high school newspaper staff.

And the journalism teacher, Barbara Harber, jumped down my throat. Basically, she said, people don't really care about the inner workings of your friends. They don't care where you went. They don't care what you did. Most of it comes off like an inside joke for which they are not a part.

Write something of significance, and don't get lazy. Babs was one tough teacher.

Well, this week I broke that rule. I wrote much of the original piece about trip to Vegas, which is probably the editorial equivalent of forcing readers to watch a slideshow. And you don't pay money to the premium site for that.

So since this is a site dedicated to University of Arizona sports, I might as well attempt to make some observations about University of Arizona sports. Now there's a novel concept.

First off, the UA's deal with Raven Golf Course should only benefit an already strong program. Todd McCorkle left Arizona to coach Georgia largely because of a facilities issue. Georgia has access to some of the best courses in the country. ASU has swung a sweet deal with Karsten for years, thus securing its place among the nation's better programs. The UA has done an outstanding job without many of those amenities.

By incorporating an involvement with Raven, that should only improve an already good thing.

If Arizona football struggles on the field next year, it won't be for lack of dedication. Nearly every member of the team has stayed in Tucson to workout during the summer. Those workouts include two-hour weight routines at the new Eddie Lynch Pavilion.

With Jenny Gladding's departure from the Arizona softball team, Coach Mike Candrea is certainly going to be scrambling in an effort to find a competent player at the most important position in any team sport. As Jennie Finch and other Wildcat hurlers have illustrated for most of the last decade, a dominant pitcher is the key to greatness on the diamond. Gladding was the solid No. 2, and apparently in line to use her experience to bid for the top spot next year. It will instead open the door for another newcomer, perhaps two, to complement a team loaded at nearly every other position.

The state of Arizona is now seemingly inundated with basketball camps hosted by former Wildcats. The Sean Elliott Basketball Camp is in progress, and the likes of Mike Bibby and Richard Jefferson have participated in similar events of late. Jason Terry's camp is in the near future. As the UA continues to send players to the pros, the state will be well represented for many years to come.

So there you go. Not such a bad list of UA thoughts for the third week in June. I mean heck, earlier today ESPN Radio's Tony Kornheiser talked about Matt Laurer's haircut. You know things are slow. Anyway, feel free to send me an e-mail if you'd like to read the unedited version of this week's original column. That would be the one that connects Brad Allis and CHIA pets through a rich tapestry of conspiracy theories. That said, I probably wouldn't bother. It wasn't that good anyway.

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