Difficult year over, time to relax

Now that a week has passed since Arizona's exit from the NCAA tourney sadness, frustration and even pride have given way to strange sense of relief among the die hard Wildcat fans. Never have fans been so happy to see the hundred degree temps around the corner and that inevitable void in Wildcat talk that comes with these summer months.

Its ok Arizona fans, it's time to take a deep breath. Do it, you'll feel better. It worked for me. After a long up and down football season and a long up and down basketball season, it's time to check your vitals, make sure you're still alive, spend some time with your family, get some rest maybe even take in some Wildcat softball or baseball. Before you know it-September will be here and the wild ride that is being a Wildcat fan these days will start all over again.

The summer vacation will be a welcomed relief from this year. Never have fans looked forward to the end of the college season so much. The reason: the, at times, under performance of both the football and the basketball team. At some points this year, it looked as if there was a very really possibility that there would be no post season (if you don't count the NIT) at all for Arizona fans.

But it wasn't just the fact that that both teams struggled. The ‘05-‘06 sports season has been one of the most stressful combined football and men's basketball seasons in memory because both teams struggled so much to find an identity. It sometimes seemed as if both head coaches Mike Stoops and Lute Olson had "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" on their hands. Both football and basketball won games they really had no business winning, UCLA in football and at Washington for basketball, and both lost games they had no business losing, Washington for football and the Oregon schools for basketball.

Both teams never aloud fans to rest easy because it never seemed to be over until it was really over. You always got the feeling that things were just minutes away from melting down. Both coaches took players out of red shirt years well into the season in order to give teams a spark, but also drawing much debate among the fans.

It was a year that saw tragedy befall the University. The death of Shawntinice Polk had a bigger impact than just the struggles of the women's basketball team. The wins and losses were secondary to the loss felt by the community.

Now all Arizona fans have to stress out about is how good or how bad the Wildcats football team looks during the spring drills and the spring game. Lucky for Arizona fan's heart, it will be early September again before those chest pains and stomach pains come back to visit.

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