The List: Pac-10 Hopefuls and Passers

This week's edition of the list looks at the Pac-10. The first list looks at the Conference's NBA draft hopefuls. Our second list is of the top returning passers in the pass happy Pac.

Pac-10 prospects in the NBA draft

1.Curtis Borchardt, Stanford
Borchardt will be the lone Pac-10 player selected in the Lottery. The Knicks or Suns could be a likely stop.

2. Fred Jones, Oregon
At one point it looked like Jones may have gone 15-20, but now he may be slipping a bit. There is now a stigma against college seniors, but athletes like Jones don't come around often. A late first round steal.

3. Dan Gadzuric, UCLA
Apparently teams are enamored with the Bruin enigma. He has all the intangibles, but hasn't gotten the coaching or proven he isn't injury prone. Many projections have him going to the Spurs at 26 or the Kings at 28.

4.Sam Clancy, USC
At only 6-7 his height is a question, but his toughness isn't. He probably fell out of the first round, but will be a nice pick-up early in the second.

5.Casey Jacobsen, Stanford
Many questioned Jacobsen's decision to remain in the draft, but I wonder why more teams don't want him? Jacobsen is tough, smart and a great shooter. While I don't think he'll be a superstar, I think he'd make a very nice role player. Some team will look smart nabbing him in the middle of the second.

6.Jamal Sampson, Cal
Many are still wondering why he left school? He is clearly not ready and needed a year or two to work on his limited offensive game. Teams will be intrigued by his height and athleticism, and could still wind up in the first round. More than likely he's a mid-second rounder who may be lucky to make a roster.

Top Returning Passers in the Pac-10

1. Jason Gesser, Washington State, 2,729 yds, 25 tds
2. Carson Palmer, USC, 2,567 yds, 13 tds
3. Cody Pickett, Washington, 2,403 yds, 10 tds
4. Jason Johnson. ARIZONA, 2,347 yds, 19 tds
5. Kyle Boller, Cal, 1,741 yds, 12 tds
6. Cory Paus, UCLA, 1,740 yds, 8 tds
7. Chris Lewis, Stanford, 1277 yds, 12 tds
8. Taylor Barton, Washington, 647 yds, 5 tds
9. Andrew Walter, ASU, 546, 3 tds

Note: ASU's Jeff Krohn would have been 5th with 1,942 yards, but he transferred in the offseason.

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