Hoop notes

Arizona basketball is two weeks removed from the end of the season and about two months away from their trip to Europe. That does not mean that there is not news coming out of the program.

Going pro

Word from McKale was that no decision had been made by either Mustafa Shakur or Marcus Williams regarding testing the pro waters. While many expect both to come back, there is no guarantee.

Right now Williams is rated by ESPN as a fringe first rounder, while Shakur has been tabbed by them as the 100th best prospect in the draft. Other draft sites have them as draft picks in the 2007 draft.

Talking to people in the know, Williams would likely go late first round if he had a number of good workouts, but everyone agrees that with another year or two in the system that he'd be a sure-fire lottery pick. The good news is that a couple of UA athletes (not on the basketball team) have told us that Williams is telling people that he will return.

Shakur has more work to do. While scouts are intrigued by his play the last month of the season, it would take some phenomenal workouts to erase two and a half years of inconsistent play.

Darrell Arthur saga

Arthur does not have a visit scheduled, but several sources indicate that Arizona is still in the mix.

Arthur is notoriously closed lipped, as much as any recruit I have come across. One recruiting analyst called him "enigmatic" and another said that the fact that he does not crave the spotlight was "refreshing".

The only problem with that strategy is information is tough to come by, or should I say "accurate" information is tough to come by. One report has one list of teams, another has a separate list of teams. Arthur does not conduct phone interviews and lets his high school and his AAU coaches handle the media, but they don't always release the same info.

Bottom line, expect the Cats to get a visit, just no telling when.

J.P. Prince

Three weeks ago I would have bet a lot that J.P. Prince was transferring out of the program. Now I am not so sure. Talking to some people close to the program, they now seem fairly certain that Prince is returning for his sophomore season.

Prince mentioned last month that he had some tough decisions to make regarding his future and most assumed that meant a possible transfer closer to home.

If Prince does return he'd bolster a Wildcat backcourt that could be as deep as any in the nation. Prince's ability has never been knocked, his intensity has been. If he proves coachable and hardworking, his upside is off the charts.

UPDATE: Prince told the Arizona Daily Wildcat that he was staying at Arizona. This comes just a few weeks after goin on record with The Tucson Citizen that he had some decisions to make.

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