Updated 2008 Top 25

With the start of the 2006 spring AAU period nearly upon us, we thought it was time to freshen up our Class of 2008 rankings and expand them to a Top 25. There's been no change at the top but there are some new faces on the list!

The Boo Williams Invitational kind of kick starts what is going to be a lengthy spring traveling team season. We're going to see a ton of underclassmen the next month and by doing so we'll be able to grow our databases in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Having said that, it's been quite some time since we updated our 2008 rankings. In fact, prior to this release, we've only ranked the Top 10 players. This time around we've expanded the list to 25 with the idea of tweaking the 25 guys often this spring.

For now, we'll roll out's Spring 2008 Top 25

While Tyreke Evans remains the top ranked player on the list, one can safely assume that no spot is safe. For instance, it'll be interesting to see if a guy like Ed Davis can prove us right and continue his ascent up the charts. Will Samardo Samuels be able to pass Evans? Which 2008 point guard is going to advance his game?

We're a couple of months away from getting answers to these questions and more. For now, enjoy this updated look at the best from 2008!

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