Gary Johnson impresses at Boo Williams

Ornery. Websters Dictionary defines it as mean in disposition. You ask, is this an article on basketball, or are we doing a school lesson here? Well class is in session and Gary Johnson has come to teach.

For anybody who has seen or heard about the 6-foot-7 Texas power forward, you already know what I'm going to say.

Yes, he's one of the most ferocious competitors who has ever laced up a pair of sneakers. Yes, he plays as if his life depends on it. Yes, he thunders home dunks with an authority and tries to tear the rim off the backboard every time he goes up.

However, there was something different on display on Friday night, and that my friends was a deepened level of maturity which has taken root in both in Johnson both on and off the court.

Playing against an extremely motivated young stud big man in 2009's Alex Oriaki, Johnson was, quite frankly, having an off night for the first five minutes of the match up. However, then a sort of light seemed to go off and Johnson got mad. And that spelled trouble for the upstart freshman.

As the game went further, Gary and talented Houston sophomore WF/PF Tony Jones started an aerial assault on the rim that left onlookers with thoughts of, "DID YOU JUST SEE THAT?" One scout's take echoed this after a particularly ferocious dunk, "It's like he's on a mission from God to tear down that rim tonight!"

The highlight reel performance didn't phase Johnson though, for him it was just another night at the office.

"I just went out and tried to do what I could do to help the team win," he said. "I just played my game and I didn't get caught up in what other people were doing."

Johnson has connections to both Arizona and Texas, but he is also listing Duke, UConn, Kentucky and North Carolina.

And regarding the rumors of Wildcat and Longhorn leads when it comes to earning a commitment? Not so fast.

"It bothers me sometimes, people who just assume they know what's going on. People can talk all they want, but I'm going to take a look at my options.

"I'm not sold to any one place."

Johnson mentioned that Duke has increased their interest in him in the recent weeks.

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