Johnson Figuring It All Out

Gary Johnson plays the game with a mix of power, explosion and craftiness. The 6-foot-7 power forward discussed how he's successful and what his recruitment presently looks like.

Gary Johnson is not 6-foot-10. Would he like to be?

"I'd love to be about 6-9," Johnson, a Houston Aldine star, said. "It would be a lot easier going up against post guys that are taller than me."

Sometimes, size matters but when it comes to Johnson, it seemingly hasn't slowed him at all. An explosive, confident and highly motivated power forward, Johnson plays to his strengths. That means attacking with power, determination and a measure of craftiness. In short, he uses his mind and physical tools to make up for the fact he's not quite ideal size for his position at the high-major level.

"There's ways around (the height). I feel like every player has a weakness and once you find that weakness you try to attack it all night." For instance, in the game we saw, Johnson evaluated his opponent and put his plan in place.

"He really didn't run the floor as hard as I did so I kind of got out a lot faster and beat him with my quickness."

Johnson subscribes pretty much to one theory: hard work makes up for being undersized. "It all depends on how hard you play and how much heart you have to go up against people."

Gary Johnson is not Tyler Hansbrough but he has a similar approach and the same kind of motor. Guys like Johnson empty their tank each time out and because of it, they have tremendous college options.

The heavies with Johnson are Texas, Duke, Kentucky and Connecticut. Arizona and North Carolina are mixing it up as well. Head coaches from each school, except for UNC, saw him with his high school team this year.

Despite the rash of 2007 commitments, Johnson is not going to be swayed by anyone else's commitment. He's on his own timetable.

"I feel that if colleges want me that bad they'll hold out with their position," Johnson said. "None of those guys really matter to me in terms of what they do.

"I'm trying to have fun on the court right now. I should be ready to commit in the fall of next season."

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