Ndudi Ebi Interview

Ndudi Ebi, one of the top five prospects in the class of 2003, knows how to play the recruiting game. Rarely, if ever, does he tip his hand about where he wants to play college basketball or who his favorite is at the moment. I had the opportunity to speak with him last night from his home in Houston and he had some interesting things to say.

Here's what the 6-10, 195-pound WF from Houston had to say.

"I don't have any favorites yet and I can honestly say that. I just want to enjoy the month of July, try to get better everyday and then in August cut down my list to seven or five or three schools."

I then asked him about the schools that everyone speculates that he favors--Arizona, Duke, Texas and Indiana.

"What can I say? The same thing appeals to me about Duke that appeals to me about all of the schools recruiting me."

"First-class program. I want to be part of a first-class program and go somewhere that I'll get better everyday and that means (coaching). Duke's the same way."

(If having his AAU coach's son--Josh Pastner, son of Hal--on staff at Arizona made any kind of difference):
"It doesn't make a difference at all."

Texas (and in general)-
"It doesn't matter at all that it's close to home. Honestly, it doesn't make a difference about being close to home or whether it's hot or cold, what kind of climate the city has, who's going to be there or not be there (from the team), none of that. I just want to play somewhere that I can improve my game everyday."

(What he's working on right now):
"Right now I'm working on my handles and lifting. I lift light on my lower body and heavy on my upper body. There's something up with my knees right now, I don't know if it's tendinitis or growing pains or what but it happens every year at this time."

(On the possibility of going to the NBA early):
"I'm not there yet. I can't imagine guys from the NBA knowing about me and wanting me when I look at guys and think, 'they should be thinking about him or him and not me'. But I'm trying to get away from having my game at a high school level. I work to get it to the college level and then the next level. I work hard everyday and I hope I can get (to the NBA) one day. I don't have a time (set) for when I'll want to go."

*Ebi had to end the conversation early because his car had just overheated and died from the heat and humidity of Houston.

"I need $17 dollars!" he shouted to someone at his house in the background. "My car is broke!"

*Expect Harrison Schaen (6-9, 190-pound PF from Mater Dei HS in Santa Ana, CA) to give a verbal commitment to Stanford in the very near future. He is currently waiting to hear from them about an undisclosed issue and that is all that is keeping him from making a verbal to the Cardinal.

{Cat Tracks will be reporting live from Indy starting July 8th at the Nike All-American camp and at ABCD. We will have numerous daily updates, interviews and recruiting news on our site so remember to check back often}.

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