Notes from Wonderland: Key Cat Questions

Basketball season is still a long ways away, but already speculation is rampant about who will play where? Who will move where? How many minutes will player "X" get? On the message boards, at my barbershop and all over Tucson people are acting like the coaches already know what is going on. While they have a better idea than anyone else, a number of questions must be answered before we know exactly what this team will look like?

Can Rick Anderson bulk up to be a force on the boards?

Anderson is in town all summer lifting weights and working on his quickness. If the 6-9 Anderson can get strong enough to be a consistent rebounder and defender, then he will continue to garner minutes, because of his offensive versatility.


What kind of shape will Isaiah Fox be in?

If Isaiah can get into good shape then he will battle for minutes at both the five and the four. According to strength coaches, Fox has been diligent in his workouts, but it remains to be seen if that translates to the court. If Fox is not in the shape that the coaches want, then he could be regulated to the bench/


Will Dennis Latimore "get it"?

Latimore's strength and athleticism are fantastic. His problem last year was in learning the Wildcat's system after playing a much simpler game in high school. He showed great signs of finally picking it up in Australia and if that continues, then Latimore could get some serious minutes at the four.


Is Chris Rodgers at one or a two?

Rodgers has garnered the least amount of attention of any of the Cats' "big three" recruits. Part of the problem is the combo guard will be behind Jason Gardner, Salim Stoudemire and Will Bynum. If Rodgers can prove he is a reliable point guard, then he will see his chance of playing increase.


Can Jason Gardner become a first round draft pick?

There really aren't many questions about Gardner on the college level. Sure there are things he can improve on, but as a college player Gardner is among the best. He looks destined for the second round, but if can work on the midrange game and prove he can defend bigger players, then he has an outside chance at the late first round.


How good is Chris Dunn and where does he play?

We really don't know much about Chris Dunn. Is he any good? Can he be developed? Will he be happy as a role player? Is he a three or a four? Will he redshirt? My English teacher would not be happy because I am answering a question with more questions.


Is Will Bynum happy?

I hate to delve into speculation, but the questions keep arising about Bynum transferring. There are also questions about his willingness to adapt to the Wildcats' style. If Bynum is happy and can adapt to Olson's system, then he has the talent to be another great Wildcat point guard. If not then we could see yet another player leaving the program.


Are Hassan Adams and Andre Iguodala ready to play right away?

All indications are that both Adams and Iguodala are close to being prepared to play right away. Both like defense, which is a key with Olson and the staff. If one or both can guard big wing players then expect them to garner some good minutes.


Will Channing Frye go pro?

Lute says that Frye has a chance to be the greatest big man in school history, but only if he stays. If he continues to play as he did in Australia, then the lure of the draft may be too great. already has him as the 19th best prospect in the 2003 draft.


Can Luke Walton improve his outside shot?

Walton is already a Player of the Year candidate. If his outside shot becomes a little more consistent then we may be seeing Luke move into the realm of greatness. He has already put together one of the best season's in school history, but if he can continue to improve his shot, then he and Gardner could be the most dangerous duo in school history.


Will Salim Stoudemire smile?

Salim always looks so serious, would it hurt the guy to crack a smile once in a while? Actually Salim needs to show he has a mid range game, that and the ability to run the point are his ticket to playing on the next level.

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