Spring Review: Wide Receivers

Last season no position was more frustrating than the wide receiver spot. Syndric Steptoe continued to improve and Mike Thomas was a pleasant surprise, but there were also a lot of problems in terms of consistency. Although many of the questions surrounding the team have not been answered, some light was shed on the spot in spring drills.

1. Syndric Steptoe, Sr.
1. Mike Thomas, So.
2. Anthony Johnson, Jr.
2. B.J. Dennard, Jr.
3. Bobby McCoy
3. Eric Sheehan

Player Rec Yds
Steptoe 8 188
Thomas 5 82
Johnson 6 54
McCoy 4 82
Dennard 2 22
Sheehan 1 52
Argos 1 5


*Mike Thomas and Syndric Steptoe are the team's only sure thing at receiver. The two slot receivers are sure handed and can make the occasional big play.

*Steptoe had the best performances in the three scrimmages. He was the only receiver to eclipse 100 yard for the three outings.

*The team does not have a proven deep ball threat.

*Freshmen Delashaun Dean and Terrell Reece will get a lengthy audition this fall. Terrell Turner should also get a long look as well.

*Anthony Johnson has gained more confidence and looks to be a decent possession receiver for the team.

*Eric Sheehan made the most of his opportunity. In the only pass thrown his way the non-scholarship receiver got behind the defender and raced 52 yards to set up a score.


*Can Bobby McCoy contribute? He's starting to develop a football body after being a track guy previously but he still isn't consistent.

*Can they stretch the field? Steptoe and Thomas cannot be counted on to make all the deep plays.

*Where is B.J. Dennard? Coaches are pleased with his progress but he still has not lived up to his potential. Can he continue to develop by next fall?

*Can the Cats catch lightning in a bottle twice? Thomas was a pleasant surprise, can another freshman do it again?


*Johnson will remain a reliable target that the Cats try to get matched up on smaller DB's. He may never be a superstar but the shakiness he showed early last season is a thing of the past.

*One of the freshmen, our guess is Reece, will be a factor sooner rather than later.

*Turner will likely redshirt.

*The loss of Mike Jefferson will be addition by subtraction.

*If he wins the back-up corner spot, don't be shocked if incoming freshman Michael Turner does not line up occasionally at WR.

*There will be a lot less drops than there were a year ago when every close loss had at least one key fourth quarter drop.

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