Oaks Christian duo like Tucson

After two years of back to back 3-8 seasons one would think that the jig would be up for Mike Stoops and his Arizona staff. Although the team has shown improvement on the field that improvement has not shown up in the win column just yet but that has not changed the mentality for the staff on the recruiting trail. The staff is still selling the future of a program that is about ready to explode and despite those back to back losing seasons, the recruits are still listening very intently.

Arizona's annual spring game drew somewhere in the neighborhood of ten thousand fans and two of those in attendance came to town on their own dime to check the Cats out.

Oaks Christian High School in Southern California is absolutely loaded with talent for the 2006 season and two of those studs caught the Cats spring game and both liked what they saw.

"I was really impressed with everything I saw," said Duke Lemmens, a 6-foot-5 inch, 240 pound defensive end. "The biggest thing for me was meeting coach (Mike) Stoops, he is legit. The whole coaching staff has a real family atmosphere and they really work well together. You can tell they know what they are doing and that they have fun doing it."

Lemmens made the trek down Interstate-10 with his father and his teammate, 4-star safety Marshall Jones. Jones also said that he liked what he saw in Tucson.

"I had a lot of fun, especially at the game," said the 4-star Jones. "I thought it went good. I liked the campus a lot and the facilities were really nice. I got to meet both coach Stoops and they are really nice guys. I am a safety and they are the best around at coaching my position."

Both Lemmens and Jones are being recruited to Arizona by wide receivers coach Charlie Williams and they both have the same opinion of the Cats wide out coach.

"Oh man, I love Coach Williams," said Lemmens. "He is a funny man and he is real genuine and honest and I like that. Mostly he is really funny."

Added Jones, "Coach Williams is tight, he is a real funny guy and he is always straight up with me. I know that he isn't telling me stuff just to tell me, he is honest and real straight with me all the time."

Before they got to Tucson to meet with the UA staff, both Lemmens and Jones stopped in Tempe for a quick walk through at Arizona State.

"Arizona State was pretty nice," said Duke. "I liked it in Tempe but there is something going on at Arizona. I liked the whole atmosphere there."

As of right now, although it is early in the process, both Lemmens and Jones have been able to slightly narrow things down on the recruiting front. Both young men did say that they are in no way firm with their top schools but at this point a few do stand out.

For Lemmens those schools are, in no particular order, Arizona, Cal, Texas A&M, Florida, Colorado and Oregon. All of those schools have offered except for the Gators but according to Duke, "I thin that they are very close to offering."

Marshall has things narrowed a little further than does Duke, but like Lemmens, his list is no way permanent. For Jones his schools are Arizona, Oregon, USC and Michigan. All four of the schools have offered Jones a scholarship in writing.

When it comes to where exactly Arizona stands with each guy, both were quick to admit that the Cats are at or near the top.

"I don't have a favorite or anything but out of my top six I would say that Arizona is way up there," Lemmens said. "I just got a real good feel for them and I am definitely going to use an official visit to go back to Tucson. I think I am going to try and go in for the USC game early in the season because that is the game that the coaches and I talked about me coming in for."

Jones went on to say that he also has Arizona high on his list but that he also likes the other three schools.

"I think Arizona's campus was the best I have seen so far," he said. "I liked Oregon's facilities a little more than Arizona's but you know they got that NIKE money going around up there (laugh). Arizona is definitely up there and I am for sure thinking of going back on an official visit during the season. I don't know if it will be for the USC game or what but I should be going back there."

The Highlight of the Unofficial Visit

Duke Lemmens says, "Meeting and talking with Coach (Corey) Edmond for sure. He was really impressive."

Marshall Jones says, "Meeting Coach Stoops and also meeting with the strength and conditioning coach Edmond. He is a good guy."

WildcatInsider.com will keep you up to date with these two SoCal studs as their recruitment continues.

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