2002 Recruit: Kenneth Frank

Kenneth Frank is a young man who is comfortable on both sides of the ball. Teams from all over the country are looking at the 6-1 two-way back because of his combination of speed, power and instincts for the game. Although they have been recruiting him since his junior year, the Wildcats may have a tough time pulling him away from LSU if his taste in food is any indication.

The speedy Frank rushed for over 2,000 yards and had almost 100 tackles on defense in 2001.  Frank talked to Cat Tracks on a recent summer evening about the recruiting process.

CT:  How have you been spending the summer?
KF:  Working out with the football team at practice, and spending time with my friends.

CT: What was your team's record last year?
KF:  We were 10-2.

CT: Do you see your self playing offense or defense in college?
KF: It doesn't really matter to me if I play defense or running back.  I like defense, but I don't mind running the ball either.

CT:  What are your strengths?
KF:  From what people tell me I have a sort of extra sense of locating where everyone is, all at one time on the field.

CT: Have you grown any since last season?
KF: I've grown about an inch to 6-1 but I'm still weighing about the same.  I fluctuate between 180 to 185.

CT: Which coach is recruiting you?
KF: For the Wildcats? it would be Coach Bernstein.

CT: Which schools would you say are recruiting you the hardest?
KF: I would have to say that would be between the Sun Devils and LSU.

CT:  Did you get to attend the Arizona football camp?
KF:  I didn't get to make it because I was out of town.

CT:  Do you play any other sports?
KF:  I play baseball and I ran track my sophomore year.  In baseball I played second and shortstop.

CT: How did you do in baseball?
KF:  I had a batting average that was over .300 so I did okay.

CT:  What do you know about the opportunity you will have at your position at Arizona?
KF: Well, I think they are really wanting me to play defense.  I'm more a strong safety or rover
type backer.  So I think I would have a good opportunity.

CT:  Do you have a top five right now? 
KF:  No, not really.  I have a lot of colleges looking at me and  I don't want to rank any of them until I get a chance to take my trips. 

CT: So it doesn't look like you will be committing early?
KF:  I don't plan on it.  I want to take my five trips.

CT:  What are the things you will be looking at in making your decision?
KF:  Well of course the football team; not necessarily the record but what I see as which way they
are heading.  Also the academics and how they set up study time for the athletes.

CT:  What do you plan to study in college?
KF:  Most likely business.      

CT: Okay, now real quick, what's your favorite food?
KF: I like a variety of foods, but I'd have to say gumbo is my favorite.

CT: Favorite musical group?
KF: There's a lot of them but I'd say B2K

CT:  Do you have any hobbies?
KF:  Other than playing sports I guess I'd say  model building.  I like building model airplanes and cars.

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